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This is the final released version of my AtSt series. I hope you enjoy. Anyone wishing to pick it up, drop me a line on this file's comment board.


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Download: AtSt v2.1 (Final)
File Size: 130k
Date: 01/19/02
Author: BIG_MAG
Downloads: 1236


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 9
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TheRockPosted: 01/20/02 00:16   Report Abuse
Hey...From the looks of it... it looks like fun... (i havn't played it yet) but i'll download it next... so i give it 8 because it looks fun, and the other Series all are good (even knowing only 1 on Massassi that i can find)


ZDawgPosted: 01/20/02 03:26   Report Abuse
I Give it an 8 for Creativity

::Puts on gayness mask:: Look iam cool Second Post ::Takes off gayness mask::


YectiwanPosted: 01/20/02 05:57   Report Abuse
It's fun... But like before, the 3rd person camera needs to be moved back... ALOT... other than that... :) good stuff...


MunkYPosted: 01/20/02 11:30   Report Abuse
HavoC? That you? Thought so. Quit being a jerk and make your own mod.


BIG__MAGPosted: 01/20/02 12:47   Report Abuse
-BIG__MAG Here: Well, I've listened to your comments and ideas. I indeed have found a way to move the 3d model forward, alot! And it looks sweet... Only problem is the ais attack the player at his regular postion, and not the 3d model like they're supposed to. But the weapon blasts still come from their position on the model. Do you want me to release that one to you? Basically, the ai will attack an invisible player while the atst is far forward. (Something like that was done this time, but only on a much smaller level.) If you don't want that, how do I move the camera (3rd person view) back far enough so that you can see the whole thing? Believe it or not, I left several messages on the forum pages for help on this and no one apparently knew how to help me. As far as this being Gopher Crap, AtStv7.0 took me about 3 weeks to put together. And I removed it because of comments like that one. Guess what, this one ain't goin nowhere. An neither is the next updated AtStv7.0 comin out tommorrow evening (It will allow you to get into and out of the atst). And another thing- whether it's deleted or not is between me and massassi.


EHC_Gibraltar_4Posted: 01/20/02 15:12   Report Abuse
You tell 'em. Take no crap.
Hey, Havoc, it's been stressed again and again that this forum is for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ONLY. Calling it gopher crap doesn't tell the author anything. And about the templates: what, exactly, is he supposed to do about them? I mean, they've got AT-STs in the game, for crying out loud. Why should he make new templates when they're right there? What do you want?
My opinion: it's a pretty decent mod. Keep them coming, no matter what some people may say. And there's no need to remove mods because of abusive comments like that one, just report them.


Dark Light StrikePosted: 01/21/02 04:40   Report Abuse
Not bad, like the grenade launcher, but you please make the next one so that the blaster shots don't go wide?


BIG__MAGPosted: 01/21/02 12:16   Report Abuse
-BIG__MAG Here: Roger that. I'll look into the wide shot problem immediately. The next release should be today, but it could be another two days. Thanks for your comments people, keep 'um comin'.


NergenPosted: 01/21/02 20:35   Report Abuse
I give it an 8 for the idea, but why make so many releases? Maybe I'm reading everything wrong, but take some time and release a big wad o stuff instead of little tidbits... your players will get tired of downloading your mod just so a shot won't go as wide...


jedi_jamesPosted: 01/22/02 22:52   Report Abuse
I gave it a 6 for the creativity. It was somewhat fun running around as an AT-ST though. Looks like you did a little more than just rename some 3dos. Good for a first mod.

Havoc I was wondering, did you actually read the comment rules, or did you just post?


The Digimon EmperorPosted: 02/09/02 18:40   Report Abuse
That's the way, ban people like HaVoC off the commenting system.

Oh, by the way, my new website is up for LucasArts games.

Come and see it!
(I have links to the best code and JK sites on the net. Yes, Massassi is on there)

The Digimon Emperor, over and out.


Dark_Jedi_YunPosted: 03/13/02 02:20   Report Abuse
This MOD rulz!!!! Hey, HÅV¤€, this MOD Kicks ass! Ya got that in your head! It kicks ass! And never forget that! okay?


kickboard4785Posted: 11/13/02 22:23   Report Abuse
i really like this mod it is a really good idea
i think that this might just be me but when you are in third person mode is part of the's body invisable ? is it suposta be like that ?


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