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Well here it finally is! I took the old AtStv7.0 and did a little remodeling. For starters I'll go over some bug fixes: -Thanks to SaberMaster, I found a way to fix the external view to a good postion behind the player. -AtSt now has the size and movesize of a regular AtSt, so now it can only be affectively used in an open area. -When in the AtSt, you no longer have to crouch to pick up items. -AtSt can now only be selected under weapons #3 and #5. -Distortion when switching between models has been significantly cut down. Unfortunatley, it can't be totally eliminated because it's changing between two pup files. -Only the crossbow shoots wide now because you're using the AtSt's secondary cannons. -Took away machine gun look on repeater. -Don't try and use the AtSt in a confined space. -Matrix Teleport now replaces force seeing and has a mana cost. -Boba Fett isn't magsealed or immune to physical damage, only the AtSt is magsealed. New features: -You play as Boba Fett under all weapons except #3 and #5. -Matrix Teleport (Good for surprising people) -New external view -Force Teleport (For free) -Grappling Hook (Can only be used with Boba Fett) -Jetpack (Can only be used with Boba Fett) Needless to say, you shouldn't have any trouble getting around! New Weapons: -Play the game, they're pretty self explanatory. Permissions: Everything used in here has either been used under permission or the author(s) have been given credit for their work. Nothing in here has been stolen or maliciously copied.


Level Info:

Download: AtStv7.0 (New)
File Size: 200k
Date: 01/28/02
Author: BIG_MAG
Downloads: 2269


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 14
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AK_DeCePTioNPosted: 01/28/02 02:22   Report Abuse
lookz alright, im bout to d/l it and try it


MrRavenXPosted: 01/28/02 06:28   Report Abuse
How many times have new versions of this mod been posted?


*Timewolf*Posted: 01/28/02 14:04   Report Abuse
What is with everyone wanting the first post?? Anyways, good mod, creative.


Sef_HalfmanPosted: 01/28/02 15:57   Report Abuse
You're just jealous Timewolf! LOL j/k. Good mod, I like. Keep up the good work.


AglarPosted: 01/29/02 01:37   Report Abuse
Please, for the love of all things sacred, wait a while before releasing mods! Get it perfect, then release it, don't release it seven times!


DunamisPosted: 01/29/02 02:34   Report Abuse
Interesting mod. It is pretty creative and fun, perhaps one day make something like this for multiplayer? Where you can have the rebel tanks or ATSTs and what not battle it out with their guns and stuff? That would be cool.

And just a minor note, people, to post the words "first post even if you don't download the level, well, don't do it. The commenting system is not made to say "Hey I got to it first", it is made to give the maker of the mod some feedback from the community and to give ideas to people who are considering to download the level. So once again, please, no more "First Post" posts.



ChRoNoS_KenSPosted: 01/29/02 05:45   Report Abuse
I can't seem to get JK to let me add a key to jetpack or teleport y?


BIG__MAGPosted: 01/29/02 11:56   Report Abuse
Alright well, I've listened to your comments and ideas and I hope this helps:
First of all, the grappling hook is for secondary fire on the bryar blaster and matrix teleport replaces force seeing. Everything else you bind a key to. I tested it before I released it and all components worked fine. Sorry about the confusion.
Second of all, yes I did release three different mods but if you look back at each one of them, they're totally different. AtStv0.7 was just a Beta test to see if this project was worth pursuing. AtStv2.1 was there for people who just wanted to play as an AtSt. AtStv7.0 was put out for people who wanted to play as the AtSt, be able to die alot easier and still have a few toys to play with. As far as them being perfect, I could sit here till' dommsday adding to it. But alas, there are more important things in life than sitting in front of a computer all day. So I guess you might say I'm retiring, (I will not let anyone pick up these mods, though). I've been editing and creating stuff in JK and MotS for a long while. So enjoy the mods, and once you're done playing on your computer, go outside for a walk or take you girl/boyfriend out some where. I would like to thank The Massassi Temple, All my people out there who gave me ideas and helped me along and God for giving me the patience to finish the work that I've done. Have a pleasant day everybody!!!


moldy_hairPosted: 01/30/02 00:46   Report Abuse

anyways, cool mod, I liked it.


UZIMANPosted: 01/31/02 22:51   Report Abuse
One word: SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!!!!!!!!!! fun as hell to just mess around with!


HidetoraPosted: 02/01/02 01:58   Report Abuse
Now Aglar, did you even download this version? This IS about as perfect as this mod can get! A good mod. One of the better Boba Fett players I've seen, and trucking around in that AT-ST is so much fun. On Force Speed you look almost like a big, metal chicken! It's rediculous fun. Great mod!


SWfanjoshPosted: 06/18/02 22:57   Report Abuse
kool mod...nice 3rd person view. Grappling came in handy.


Commando-15Posted: 12/19/05 03:03   Report Abuse
stupid,stupid,STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! What the *BLEEP!* is wrong?!?! I try to use this on a single player level and then it quits. Then I try it on a MP level and the first person view looks like an AT-ST but 3rd person view makes the character look all jumbled up! It worked once before but now it's *BLEEP*ing up! HELP!


68MustangFanPosted: 10/16/06 05:04   Report Abuse
This is an awesome mod, I always wanted to drive an AT-ST in this game and now I can, the Boba Fett Skin is awesome too. There were a couple glitches that I noticed though; the repeater shoots out of his stomach, some explosion sounds were missing, the camera is weird in third person, and there are some clipping issues with AT-ST mode. I give a 9 for this mod. If it weren't for the glitches, this would've been a perfect 10 for sure. Keep up the good work!


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