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Kyle's butt hurt. How long was this debriefing going to take! The woman across from him winked at him. They had been flirting on and off all through the meeting. She had blonde hair and a quite serious face. She reminded him of Sariss. Ugh, that wasn't a memory he wanted bringing back! He had had to go to the psychologist for over a year to get over it when he hacked her up. Sariss had told Kyle that his guilt was purely because of a physical attraction, and if he kept away from blondes, he would feel better. Meanwhile, he related to the Commander how he had infiltrated the base and put a hole in Fortra's head. This level (as you can probably tell from the story) is a little silly. It is a product of the many newbie levels released on Massassi with their similar themes and stories. Although I made the architecture passable, the actual design and layout is your standard Imperial Base (TM). You'll spend all your time meandering through the labyrinth hallways and avoiding merciless death at the hands of the twenty stormtrooper legions. All in the name of searching for a few keys. All to steal a couple of crates of beer. I hope you enjoy it... or at least I hope you don't scream in anger as soon as you load it up....


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Download: Best Lum Guide
File Size: 1.3Megs
Date: 01/30/02
Author: Jensyx
Downloads: 4789


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 25
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Deluxe_SixPosted: 01/30/02 01:04   Report Abuse
Wow I remeber you posting pics of this way back when. I will download this immediately.


AK_DeCePTioNPosted: 01/30/02 02:49   Report Abuse
Level lookz ok, from screenies.


halucidPosted: 01/30/02 04:07   Report Abuse
Laughed so hard, I could hardly hit the download link! This should be some good old-school fun....


WhiteLightsaberPosted: 01/30/02 05:43   Report Abuse
Remindes me alot of Dark Forces. For those of you who don't know, Dark Forces was the original game that Jedi Knight was derrived from. The architecture wasn't too bad, just some textures that need stitching. Other than that, not a bad level, and we need more good SP levels.


TarantioPosted: 01/30/02 10:21   Report Abuse
Haha, nice one man.


AKPiggottPosted: 01/30/02 11:05   Report Abuse
Ahh... I wondered what happened to this level! I remember playing a 95% complete beta a couple of years back...


Viper_GT_BlastPosted: 01/30/02 14:38   Report Abuse
This level looks pretty cool, I'll check it out.I give it a 9.


kyle90Posted: 01/30/02 15:01   Report Abuse
This is hilarious! So true too.


SimoN CLPosted: 01/30/02 15:46   Report Abuse
You know you probably coulda got away with just plugging it as a well made fun level, cause it was actually a pretty damn good piece of work. Apart from the storyline, i really think its more of a playable worth downloading level than it is a spoof.

Good job


JennyPosted: 01/30/02 18:18   Report Abuse
Are all the moderators here a bunch of hardline conservative squares or WHAT?! The description posted on the main page totally ruins the spoof like atmosphere... I like my bit about Kyle going to a shrink because he feels guilty about killing Sariss... what is WRONG WITH THAT?! And an extremely mild reference to sex... grrrrrrrr!

Regardless, thanks for the feedback people! Much appreciated! And yes, this piece of crud certainly was "in development" for a long time. Ah, but it only took about ten hours of ACTUAl work...


THRAWN_18Posted: 01/31/02 00:38   Report Abuse

But I dont get it, is the level suppose to actually HAVE an ending or something? I got all the way to that switch and Kyle says 'I wonder what that did?' Was that a joke to newbies who forget to add the cog that ends the level?


EmonPosted: 01/31/02 00:42   Report Abuse
Interestingly enough, almost all the people who commented and laughed about the newbie jokes ARE newbies...


FarixPosted: 01/31/02 00:52   Report Abuse
Jenny! Your back! Haven't seen ya in a while :)

Keep up the great work!


JennyPosted: 01/31/02 19:14   Report Abuse
"But I dont get it, is the level suppose to actually HAVE an ending or something? I got all the way to that switch and Kyle says 'I wonder what that did?' Was that a joke to newbies who forget to add the cog that ends the level?"

Well, that is having a stab at the number of times the standard JK wavs are used in add-on levels. But yes, you can finish the level, only it is in an absolutely fiendishly stupidly hard place to find. You press that switch then go back down the elevator in the base to the room where the tech soldiers are running around like headless chickens. Go up into the vents and you'll find the crate of lum (beer). You can push the crate down the long hole and follow it down and along the conveyor belt to where Jan is waitin' to fly you back for some hot lovin'! :) And thanks to the iron-moderation here nobody really gets my horribly naff storyline... :( grrrrrrrr!

Thanks for the comments all!


RhettmanPosted: 01/31/02 23:27   Report Abuse
So, we CAN use Dark Forces textures in our levels now...


JennyPosted: 01/31/02 23:47   Report Abuse
Meh... others have done it...


Pout_TrooperPosted: 02/01/02 08:12   Report Abuse
I'm sorry, but the description totally didn't fit the level. Not that it wasn't funny, not by a LONG shot, but I didn't see even one newbie-teasing in the actual level. I thought it was quite serious, exceapt for the officer's quarters (I knew it was by you Jenny cause of that music :P and what is that glassed-in area for?) and those hapless people running around. They was finger-lickin' good! Also, a cutscene would have been nice at the end (wink wink) and you can still win without getting the lum.

That being said, AMAZING LEVEL!!!!!!!! A good 'get in, get it, get out' type oldschool level. We need more. Also, nice reference to the Forta case. That was a very fun SP level too.


Lore seekerPosted: 02/01/02 23:56   Report Abuse
As insane as this is, it is a great level. Tons of screwing with n00bs all the way through. It would be a good idea to have the level never end... that might piss off the n00bs.


Gelatinous_DroolPosted: 02/02/02 00:11   Report Abuse
It was fun working through this level, even though i had to read the comments to complete the mission. Theres a lot of cool stuff. It seemed like a good single player mission, so whats the paradoy joke?


SimoN CLPosted: 02/02/02 00:36   Report Abuse
I could be wrong but i think the spoof aspects are kinda deep, i feel like a bit of a n00b cause i didnt get the feeling it was a joke level...

Someone enlighten me please :p


VipertheSaintPosted: 02/02/02 22:18   Report Abuse
lol... interesting... 9...


JennyPosted: 02/02/02 23:37   Report Abuse
Ooooh! They like me, they really LIKE ME! :)

Thanks for the comments!


THRAWN_18Posted: 02/03/02 05:32   Report Abuse
Lots of n00b stuff. Like the opening mission "Jan has flown you into a remote Imperial" Imperial what? Or the super long water-way just to get on the other side of the building. Or the gun turret in the thing so as soon as ya jump, you get blasted. Or the keys.


SotE_Xizor1Posted: 02/03/02 19:03   Report Abuse
Um, this level WAS good, but I had to use the fly code to get on top of the building so I could use that elevator to access the place with the magsealed window across from that Yellow Key door. Hey, you copied a BUNCH of textures of sewage and door switches from the first Dark Forces game, without even giving credit! Isn't this illegal?


EnzoPosted: 02/04/02 10:42   Report Abuse

stormtroopers sped up super fast. . .
imperial commandos with black uniforms. . .
textures ripped straight from another game. .

i felt well chuffed the first time i did these things!!!

congrasts, you can make a better level when you're taking the piss than i can when i'm serious. all it needed was a cutscene at the end of kyle and jan getting down to some sweet rumpty. . . .



moronmissionPosted: 02/10/02 17:15   Report Abuse
I think the level would have been better without being a parod, but it's still good.


rogue94Posted: 02/18/02 19:27   Report Abuse
This level is great cuz its not the usual level of shooting up stormies, but more of an RPG. This is definitely a 10! Make more levels like this, PLEASE!!!


masterarchaPosted: 02/26/02 03:19   Report Abuse
I am an unashamed n00b (to JK editing, not to SW or JK) and i loved this level. keep it up...


ConnemaraPosted: 03/16/02 04:05   Report Abuse
Oooh...I thought all that newbie stuff was cause this level was made by a newb, lol. I'll hafta re-play it with the sarcasm in mind.

Also...I coudln't find the lum. Where the heck is it! I get up onto this bridge type thing overlooking the yard where you start, and I go to this door that is locked and that is as far as I can get.


saberopusPosted: 12/07/02 03:37   Report Abuse
ha ha i love you. :P this is great.


ConnemaraPosted: 08/13/03 22:21   Report Abuse
Wow...I played this a year and a half ago I see...but this time around I am on Earth do you get into the base? I go through that vent thing, and it says "Mission Objective Completed" but there'sa nowhere to go from there?! Don't suppose someone could give assistance? I feel like an idiot. :(


a_personPosted: 11/22/03 23:12   Report Abuse
yea that took me a long time to figure out to. if u look really closley u see a ladder. keep pressing use on the ladder and u go up it. btw nice level could of done with a better story line and a few less cracks at newbs. 8/10


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