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This is a sabers only level I made in about a day. It has a pit in the middle partially filled with lava, and about 30 feet up, a catwalk goes across. A health powerup sits in the middle of it. Good for 2-4 people. Best played with Saber Battle X 3.0.


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Download: Fortress of Fire
File Size: 182k
Date: 02/05/02
Author: The_Lost_One_Rogue15
Downloads: 603


Score (0-10): 2
# of Ratings: 1
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DashMasterPosted: 02/05/02 00:40   Report Abuse
This is a Jedi Knight MP level and its in goo format? Something is wrong here......................


FarixPosted: 02/05/02 00:48   Report Abuse
Well those are shots from mots, so....
not bad looking...


Rogue15Posted: 02/05/02 02:39   Report Abuse
wha? I said it was for mots!!! jk is too overrated...


bearded_jarlPosted: 02/05/02 04:44   Report Abuse
ooh, very Pit and the Pendulum... d/ling it right now...

-So if you don't rate just overcompensate at least you know you can always go on ricki lake...


Rogue15Posted: 02/05/02 16:55   Report Abuse
if the dload isn't working, try

All the levels I've made are there.


statPosted: 02/05/02 20:39   Report Abuse
am I the only one who's get Super Mario flashbacks?


Rogue15Posted: 02/11/02 19:25   Report Abuse
Whoa, you're right!!! Too bad there's not a Bowser skin, it'd be funny having bowser and mario duel over the pit!


KedriPosted: 10/05/02 16:15   Report Abuse
The link to this file has been repaired. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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