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This is a CO-OP level I've been "working" on for the past 2 months. It is best played with teams; the red team being the good guys, and the yellow team being the bad guys. The Good team has Rebel soldiers on its side, and the Bad team has Stormtroopers and "Lightsaber-less" Jedi on its side. The red team can only go through the red force field and yellowcan go through theirs. I've made it so that the bad guys can quickly get to the rooms quicker than the good guys.


3D Preview

Full Size 3D Preview for Attack!

Level Info:

Download: Attack!
File Size: 220k
Date: 02/05/02
Author: Deth Masta
Downloads: 861


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 2
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Jedi_KylePosted: 02/05/02 02:02   Report Abuse


computer_67Posted: 02/05/02 02:08   Report Abuse
What can I say about this level. From the first screen, looks pretty bland, but the second one looks quite good really. My advice: keep working on levels with the quality shown in the second screen, or better if possible


statPosted: 02/05/02 20:37   Report Abuse
I like the idea, keep it up and you might make some very good co-op levels


iron_jediPosted: 02/06/02 03:48   Report Abuse
O please. i cannot stand people who put in these "aren't i brillient, i was the first commenter."
unless you actually comment on the level then it is a pretty stupid thing to say.
moving on though i think the level was decent judging from the pictures.
it's about time a good concept like that was used.
look forward to downloading it.


rshotgunPosted: 08/29/05 21:30   Report Abuse
Attack! has a very good conception of what it wants to be, but it doesn't really get there.

The level, quite bluntly, is bland. Some 3rd party textures are used, but it really doesn't make much of a differences. This is pretty much one box in the middle of a larger box. Yippee. The item placement is sub-par, items all in one general area per base. One nice touch; when storm troopers are killed, they occasionally throw a thermal det in retaliation. Very nice.

A great conception, but carried out in a strange manner. Big ol' four on this one.


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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