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A compact deathmatch, created with fast-paced gameplay in mind, centered around a multi-tiered pit. There are tons of sniper opportunities, and a couple of secret areas filled with goodies. Have fun.


Level Info:

Download: Hemorrhage
File Size: 670k
Date: 02/06/02
Author: Nick Swift
Downloads: 678


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 7
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Plasma ManPosted: 02/06/02 00:56   Report Abuse
Yeah, first download!Great level. I like the mats. The small size, vertical-ness, and flow should make it for fun gameplay. You should have made the rail det harder to access so the gameplay is more balanced.8/10


AnydrezPosted: 02/06/02 04:04   Report Abuse
I can tell just from the screenshots that this is an awesome level! Um and 8/10


TrigePosted: 02/06/02 14:51   Report Abuse
Looks an aweful lot like a level from unreal tournament, anyone else think so too?


SuperHuman_TienPosted: 02/06/02 16:40   Report Abuse
Sweet level. I gave it a 10. Keep up the good work!


Nick_83Posted: 02/06/02 20:14   Report Abuse
It's based on the general theme of UT's Phoebes: compact, vertical deathmatch. I tried to match the flow and general feel of the level, however the similiarities end there.


halucidPosted: 02/07/02 04:32   Report Abuse
Simply a beautiful map. Very complex, yet compact... very fast paced. This map has everything most JK DM's lack. Great flow, creative and original archi, perfect lighting... plus, it's wicked fun.

Only one complaint... I'm just getting sick of that over-used texture pack. No offense to Zuljin, it's just that there are thousands more free textures on the net to choose from.

Nevertheless, I gave it a 10. I'd like to see more maps like this in the future.


[D6]KoobiePosted: 02/17/02 16:35   Report Abuse
Simply outstanding. UT in JK, basically.


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