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The level takes place during the Dark Forces timeline, when Kyle is still a mercenary hired by the Rebellion. Kyle is now tasked with infiltrating a large Imperial Research Facility on an intelligence gathering mission. To say anymore would spoil the surprise, however the level is quite large and many areas are not vital to the completion of the level. The base is supposed to feel like a real Imperial Facility, so take your time and explore and look around. You will also need a 3d card that can support 16bit textures to fully enjoy this level. The level contains many new 3do's and textures and BM's and has a new feature, where the player can read signs throughout the level by activating the sign or if out of reach, shooting it.


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Level Info:

Download: Rebel Agent
File Size: 6.3Megs
Date: 02/07/02
Author: Matthew Surman
Downloads: 3451


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 22
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ElmoPosted: 02/08/02 14:04   Report Abuse
now that's when I have to say 'wohoo first comment' but I dislike these guys as you so I won't.

I liked this level alot, especially the read aurabesh feature (even if I allready learned to read Aurabesh *I know I've got too much free time*). I liked archi lighting and such... it was just great


HidetoraPosted: 02/08/02 22:20   Report Abuse
This level was great. Are you making more "DFTC levels but improved slightly"? Or is this the only one? It was good to see something so familiar yet much more detailed.


patkept624Posted: 02/09/02 05:11   Report Abuse
This was a fun level. I particularly like the ones that actually make me feel like I'm really in a SW scenario and this definately does that. However, how in the hell do you get into the final room? I'm so lost. Great job.

The VinMan


SurmanPosted: 02/09/02 07:56   Report Abuse
Thanks for the comments. This is the only DF level I'll redo. I always liked the first level but in DF because of the limitations of the engine it never felt like a proper weapons research facility, so I decided to redo it for MotS they way I'd always imagined it.

Which part are you stuck at? The last door near the final lift, doesn't open, unfortunately I reached the maximum thing limit so some stuff had to be cut. I assume thats the door/room your refering to?


FardreamerPosted: 02/09/02 14:07   Report Abuse
This is definately one of the most atmospheric SP levels I've ever played - I'd even go so far as to say that this is one of my all-time favorites! Great job!

You should've showcased the level on the forums, that would've given the level a lot more hype.


jhllt67Posted: 02/09/02 18:38   Report Abuse
Great level! The only problems I had were framerate(it dropped from 60 to 15 in some areas) and a fair bit of HOM. Other than that I loved it.


Xizor_VaderPosted: 02/09/02 22:30   Report Abuse
Wow! very nice. I just can't complete the level. I completed the first 2 objectives, I can't finish the 3rd one. I couldn't find any other enemies after I got to the lift near the emperor's pic. help me


patkept624Posted: 02/09/02 23:03   Report Abuse
Hey Surman,

Maybe that's not where I needed to go then. I just can't seem to find the end to the level. I've completed liek 4 objectives I think.



SurmanPosted: 02/10/02 05:51   Report Abuse
If you've completed the first two objectives next you need to enable the power generators (near the first objective) and reactivate the main lift so you can access the upper levels of the base and find the base commanders code key, then you can access the secure room in the command center, after that you take the lift to the roof to complete the level.


patkept624Posted: 02/10/02 12:45   Report Abuse
Okay, that's my main problem. I reactivate the lifts and then can't find where they are. So I've run through all the buildings over and over and can't seem to find any new lifts. You've got them well hidden i think.



moronmissionPosted: 02/10/02 16:24   Report Abuse
I like it!


SurmanPosted: 02/11/02 03:03   Report Abuse
If yopu've reactivated the lifts you must have used the lift maintenence room. The lift is not to far from that. You go down the stars and should end up in the foyer, there's an imperial symbol on the floor, two signs on the wall (one a floor directory for Alpha Complex and one about an ewok) opposite that should be two sets of double doors, the main lifts. Only one of the lifts works though, activate the switch to call the lift.


PengunPosted: 02/12/02 02:43   Report Abuse
Wow, this level was awesome. Throughout the entire level I was completely invloved with it. This is exactly everything a single player level should be, it should serve as an example to all other editors.

It actually felt exactly like an imperial base should, not only that but the layout of the level was logical, while still making the player move around enough to make it interesting.

Overall, this level was better than a lot of the LEC ones, more complete, and more fun. I also thought you did an excellent job of combining the original DF level with the book rebel agent.

ten out of ten!


SimoN CLPosted: 02/14/02 21:01   Report Abuse
Excellant level, really worth downloading.

It was a nice balance of space without being too big that you got yourself lost, nice work. I liked the nice touches with the signs as well. Class.


DigitalVaporPosted: 03/18/02 01:19   Report Abuse
I never comment on levels, but this was so good I registered just to tell everyone that this level was extremely well done, Oh and I killed general mohc ];o)(I had to cheat just so I could force grip him, but thats the only time I cheated)


kunckles1Posted: 03/26/02 04:05   Report Abuse
i can't seem to launch the level. I installed it and all, but when i click the .bat, it says "press any key to continue" so i do, and then it says "launching" but at the top of the window it says "finished-imperialbase" which means it won't do anything else(like launch).what am i doing wrong? i installed it directly into my main MOTS folder, and thats the only thing i can think of.


DS-181-61Posted: 06/16/02 16:35   Report Abuse
Please, make some more lvls! If not from DF, just some orriginal ones! This lvl is way better than most LEC ones, IMHO. Please, we need more things like this. 10/10


Beatles_D.Bowie_R. StonesPosted: 07/07/02 18:08   Report Abuse
Definatley a great level! A superb replica of the first DF level, but with more added. Did you ever consider re-doing the Arc Hammer, or just re-doing the first level, liek this one, but leave out some of it, and make it just like DF (same objectives, and suff.) Anyway, A very fun, detailed, textured level, well worth downloading. Download it! You'll be sure to love it. :)


CyberStormPosted: 07/13/02 04:35   Report Abuse
Great level, loved the layout... Only problem, signs and such were odd colors... Did everything that I was supposed to to install the pack. It was like the colorts that were supposed to be there weren't, or something odd...

Otherwise, it was a GREAT LEVEL.


Keith MarshallPosted: 08/10/02 18:23   Report Abuse
Great level man. The signs were different colors on mine to until I realized I didn't have my 3d card on in the options menu. After I turned it on it was like magic, the level was instantly beautiful! The textures and sound quality was superb! GRRRRRRREAT JOB! I give it a 10 times 10! (that's a 100)


Kievan MereelPosted: 07/11/03 05:29   Report Abuse
Wow! This is an awesome level. The part that was added to the original Dark Forces level fits in perfectly, and is professional grade quality. I got lost a lot, just like in DF!

The base layout is brilliant and has that that 'Star Wars atmosphere.' There's even a little bit of a storyline with General Mohc and all that. The new E-11 looks wonderful, and all the other custom 3do's compliment the atmosphere great.

The only problem I found is that I had a hard time jumping through windows next to the security doors. I had to put fly mode on so I could get through, especially the door next to Kyle's wanted poster. I also got caught in one of the cooling vents on the roof and had to fly out.

A very well made, thought out level, and the download isn't too big! I easily give it a 10 out of 10.


Darth_JuanPosted: 05/09/08 02:24   Report Abuse
this level is great!

my english es very bad!!

hola me llamo juan, (fan de la saga DF/JK) este nivel es exelente, es una lastima que no alla una continuacion...algo donde tengamos que combatir un Darktrooper...

I Love You!!!


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