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Rites Of Xanthus Demo is a SP Mod containing a short demo level and some basic equipment replacements for other levels like swords for blasters food for health and magic missile for force destruct!


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Download: RoX TC Demo: Entrapment
File Size: 12.3Megs
Date: 02/07/02
Author: Bel Iblis
Downloads: 1659


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 17
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Hell RaiserPosted: 02/07/02 17:28   Report Abuse
Install Maker r0x0rz j00 b0x0rz. :D

I just love midevil type stuff! The first time my MotS CD has been in my CD drive for years. ;)


DormousePosted: 02/07/02 19:03   Report Abuse
whee. finally (:
been waiting for a good medieval mod since almost literally the day i beat jk. (:
and this is beautiful , i've been keeping close tabs on the development of this one for a long long time , and nice to see 's finally come to fruitation[or foliage at least , cuz 's just a demo (:]
beautiful. i absolutely lurve the hammer and the spear , but the bow i found impossible to use[i can't see the arrow for one thing].
good work Bel , youre my hero of the week (:


_SL_KylePosted: 02/08/02 04:34   Report Abuse
The mods fun enough the lvl needs to be alot bigger. The only thing the mod needs is a faster running speed (characters actual running) i know u probably made him slow because of the armor but it becomes anoying after a while. Great job overall


Pout_TrooperPosted: 02/08/02 05:09   Report Abuse
Why? Why in the bloody name of the-place-I-shall-be-sent-to-if-I-name-it-so-I-shall-not-name-it does this have to be MOTS?!?! I (quite unfortunately) lost MOTS and now I won't be able to experience a medeval TC!!!!! WHY GOD WHY?!?! Will this, by some stroke of good fortune, be released also for JK? *hint hint, wink wink*


FranticPosted: 02/08/02 07:55   Report Abuse
Great Level!

But like I told you already, I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with the bow ( i wasn't even sure I had shot something half the time).


Bel IblisPosted: 02/08/02 10:48   Report Abuse
No I didn't rate my own mod :)...

Anyway I am glad to see that people enjoyed the demo... Now that all the basics are done I will be exploring some more complex features as well as trashing the bow cog completely and redoing it with a magic targeting spell and more visible arrows... Elmo has taken over Level 1 which unfortunatly due to my skills at the time of its creation is not as good...(Elmo is attempting to fix it up however)...

Also there is a slight error in the readme which I have been reminded of... Aglar helped in the production of the TC sorry for the accidental omission.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 02/08/02 11:27   Report Abuse
I'm downloading it now. AT last it's been released. Excellent work, Bel.

DId you get my e-mail? And I say again, where are oyu hosting your site? I am more than willing to offer you server space!


PengunPosted: 02/08/02 13:27   Report Abuse
Hey good work! First time I've played a mod that actually felt like it was a different game.

My only complaints are the bow (which has been mentioned) and the scimitar. The scimitar was just annoying to use, and the animations looked really wrong.


Darth VedderPosted: 02/08/02 19:28   Report Abuse
I had waited long for this demo, but I can't say I really liked it...
On paper, this is the best level for mots ever. But in reallity it lacks, alot...
For one, the enemy placement is really bad, I had to fight 10 orcs while two other were shooting me from a roof which I couldn't reach easily. The fighting clearly shows that the jk engine was not made for such themes, it's mainly impossible to hit the opponent without him hitting you too. Often you get hit while standing two meters away from the opponent (out of reach.)
the architecture was good, there were some hom errors but mostly nothing wrong. (Nothing exceptionally good either.)
The level was very short, but offcourse this is just a demo, so that doesn't influence my ending score.

The 3do's were really good and cool, also the fact that weapons break after a while is nice and realistic.

Mainly the idea behind ROX is really cool but because of the lacking engine this game becomes much less then it should be.
score: 7


GethroPosted: 02/08/02 20:21   Report Abuse
Absolutely AMAZING!

my one complaint is this, the only ammo and damage effective killing method is melee combat. The bow and arrow just didn't seem to work right for was innacurate and did little damage.

that's my only complaint! Keep it up!


FranticPosted: 02/08/02 23:27   Report Abuse
heh, i think theres a word for that darth, "sucking at mots" :p At the part with all the orcs and the archers and didn't lose any health at all...killed them easy. I never took any damage in the whole level.


Lord_Maul155Posted: 02/09/02 00:59   Report Abuse
Do you use patch ocmmander to run this level. Also is this a level and a mod. Like it has 2 GOO files one for the mod and one for the level. PLZ tell me before i download THX


Bel IblisPosted: 02/09/02 07:16   Report Abuse
The demo is self installing Maul... however with limited skill you can port it to patch commander...

Anyone wanna help me start the MP version of RoX. (go to Massassi Discussion Forum for details)


KinetusPosted: 02/10/02 02:53   Report Abuse
I gave this a 9/10. It was very nice overall. You had wonderful ideas. I didn't like a few things though. The movements for the pike and war hammer seemed a bit odd with alternate fire. The shape of the battle axe and the war hammer were pretty bad too. look at for some good pics to base the weapons on. Of course i found the bow really hard to use, just like pretty much everybody else. I really did like the look of the ship at the end and the scimitar though. By the way Kryptonite is spelled with a K ;)


ZDawgPosted: 02/10/02 05:11   Report Abuse
i love the sword and the bow ...... you are the only mod with a bow .. IT ROX lol


Tha GunslingaPosted: 02/10/02 16:46   Report Abuse
Nice job! A few tiny problems, such as the bow and a few small spelling errors, but on the whole it was amazing! I went right through the demo level, then charged through level 1 of MotS with the battle-axe! Very nice weapons, and the magical powers were cool too. The theme was what made it truly good, though. The stuff like "thou dost not speak proper English" and the other cheat messages were truly ingenious. I can't wait for more.

Oh, and thanks for doing it on the MotS engine, which I prefer to the JK one by a lot.


Lord_Maul155Posted: 02/11/02 00:17   Report Abuse
U'm u'm u'm i just downloaded it and well..... I tryied the mod in SP with the normal level and it is immpossible to do in SP mode play the normal level. . Also the guy ways very slow. When i played the level that came with tit the guys walk faster like he it spos to but if i use a sword he walk slow and if i use a different weapon he still ways slow. SRY but my rateing for the mod itself 7. The weapons were great but useinfg then was a pain in the butt. The level itself was OK. level rating 8


Bel IblisPosted: 02/11/02 07:17   Report Abuse
Your rating is ill placed unless you dislike realism. The idea is... no knight back then would run around with an arsenal of 10 weapons over 50lbs. a piece. All weapons weigh something and slow you down. If you wish to pick up speed how about dropping some of the bigger stuff ... Tahben = Human ... Kyle = Heavy Weight Champion...


WLP_ScorpionPosted: 02/11/02 10:49   Report Abuse
Not verry good is it if you cant download it is it? The Most of it i got was 3 megs


Lt_GreywolfPosted: 02/11/02 15:14   Report Abuse
Long ago in a brain storm far away I remember when RoX was just an idea on the mind of a few editors...

Bel congrats on not letting RoX die man.


AdiPosted: 02/12/02 20:03   Report Abuse
The level was actually a bit of a disappointment in itself, Okayish archi, not excellent textures or lighting, although item placement was Ok, and so was enemy placement.

The mod is where it really came down though, especially with the bow and arrow. Some of the weapons were enormous, yet you could carry a lot of them. Maybe limit the amount of actual weapons you can carry? Also, the wizards staff, notibly, didnt have a proper secondary fire in water... he just swung it again.

The swords were pretty good, although the damage to weapons was a bit high.. you could destroy a sword in around 4 hits on a wall.

Other than that, a good mod. Nice skins and models, as well as enemies.


katanamaruPosted: 02/13/02 15:30   Report Abuse
After playing the sbx series, i've come to expect a lot out of mods that use saber/sword enhancements. So i have to say i was dissappointed with the sword and other weapons rate of fire. Some of the key animations were a little off in my opinion, but were acceptable. These reasons didn't effect the score of 8 i gave this level but what did was how slow he changed weapons. I would start firing the bow at enemies at a distance and as they ran up i was planning on drawing my sword but when i hit the key nothing happened. After multiple presses it finally selected the sword but i already took some damage. If you fix that then my score for the final version will go up. And please don't say "he draws weapons slowly for realism." This is a game and a action game at that. The level was good too. I like playing the level with sbx 3 for fun. And one suggestion would be to give the weapons trails as you swing them. If you took glowsaber and made the color part transparent you could make a trail for the swing. Just an idea.


GorcPosted: 02/16/02 01:01   Report Abuse
hey everyone, i must say, i haven't had a chance to play the demo yet, but iknow its cool.. how do i know this.. i helped make it.... looong time ago i helped out... but even if i had not helped, bel does nothing but good work..soooo... :-)


Jedi SlayerPosted: 02/20/02 23:33   Report Abuse
Great Mod. The bow not being user friendly took the score down a notch. And the fact that it clicked off everytime I quicksaved it. Noone else complained about it though, so I guess it was my computer. Great mod though for MoTS.


Keith MarshallPosted: 08/11/02 18:57   Report Abuse
Great job. I love cuttin up stormtroopers with the sword! The only problem I had with it is that when you throw the spear it takes a while to use another one, leaving you open for attack.


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