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An abandoned space-station, SaniStat, has been found drifting in deep space. Still operational, including a working Bacta Tank (thanks Red for the cog), a trap, and a secret or two. This station is a five-floor wonder, loaded with weapons, power-ups, items, throwable items, and anti-grav tubes. A medical wing with the working bacta tank and the medical droid, 2-1b, and a security room with four working consoles with their respective cameras are just a few of the features found in this station. A medium to large level suitable for 4 or more players, with custom MAT's and 3DO's help make this level flow with the intense action.


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Level Info:

Download: Space Station -- SaniStat
File Size: 750k
Date: 02/11/02
Author: Brian Brecht
Downloads: 4969


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 7
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Shinmen MusashiPosted: 02/11/02 02:51   Report Abuse
Hey, man. Great level. Very "2001". Keep up the good work.


Sabre_WulfPosted: 02/11/02 04:48   Report Abuse
Dude, this is some of the craziest looking texturing I've ever seen judging by the screenies. If it's a good level, I'll be back to post again. But, nonetheless, the texturing is the only reason I'm dling lol. Crazy I tell ya.


ModesittPosted: 02/11/02 12:17   Report Abuse
This is a very nice level, large but very fun for a good guns game, there's even some slick saber dueling spots. Items are well-scattered. I don't have much to say - The bacta tank works, I couldn't find any traps/control rooms, but I didn't play it very long. I repeat - Its large, I would strongly suggest it for big(6+) games, any less and you will spend more time trying to find each other than actually fighting.


Sabre_WulfPosted: 02/12/02 02:32   Report Abuse
7 I say. Not bad. Strange texturing lol. I would say, I really like the layout and all, but I dunno, I just didn't think that there was much of a reason to play there instead of LEC lev's like COA. I mean, it's hard to make a level I myself likes better than BGJ and CO. I'm weird like that. But it's a good level judging by quality. Anyone who reads this.... DOwnload this level. It's good, just not my style.


CESC_XeN__Posted: 02/12/02 22:11   Report Abuse
I havent d/l this, and I just might....Just one thing, please dont use mods to make it look good, use regular JK so you see what the leven really is....all i focused on was Maul and his dbl blade for a sec....


XangZauronPosted: 03/06/02 23:46   Report Abuse
Neat level...Great for play on the Zone. Thank you for this great lvl.


Force master2Posted: 04/07/02 19:20   Report Abuse
whoa! this one cool lvl! why do two consoles show the same thing?


longphi3000Posted: 05/25/02 21:19   Report Abuse
This is a really cool level. I give it 10 out of 10. I jusy love the bacta tank and the 5 floors.


RaSiN_HeCk_Posted: 07/09/02 06:08   Report Abuse
I'd get this level in a Flash but my cheap PC can't see your gnarly textures. I might still get it and just wear sun glasses when I play, sounds like a cool level. P.S. I'd rather not see the screen shots in third person at all, and no sabers in the middle of the screen too.


Force master2Posted: 11/09/03 22:31   Report Abuse
wait... regarding that last comment, they don't! This a great map for 4+ players, could use some AI on (just to spice it up a bit, get help on this) and a few more rooms would be nice as well, and it doesn't feel like a box either...


Force master2Posted: 02/17/05 13:26   Report Abuse
whoa! cool lvl dude! why do two consoles show the same thing?

whoops, my mistake!


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