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Sunset light and an old Castle on the Hill sorounded by Forest. Big open area plus small rooms in the Castle. All for your pleasure. Recomended for saber slashing and gun fighting. (about 8 players). Level is hungry for computer power, so play it on rather good machine.


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Level Info:

Download: Castle Hill and Forest
File Size: 832k
Date: 02/11/02
Author: Ortheza
Downloads: 1422


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 12
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KageboushiGenPosted: 02/11/02 14:31   Report Abuse
Another 10 for my all time favorite JK level editor. Your work is incredible.


rathiPosted: 02/11/02 14:36   Report Abuse
Make this for jk, you must, how dare you, arrrrrgggghhh. just make it for jk please


Rogue15Posted: 02/11/02 19:22   Report Abuse
Whoa, this level is awesome!!! finally some people decide to make MOTS only levels!!!

MOTS RULES!!!!! I just wish some people who make JK levels would convert them to MOTS as well, since it CAN be done.

I like the castle, the lighting was ok, i didn't care too much for it...

Hey, make the Castle from Super Mario 64!!! That'd be so cool!

I gave it an 8.


ZDawgPosted: 02/11/02 19:29   Report Abuse
Well, once again Ortheza blows my mind.... this level is AMAZING!


DBF_SuperSaiyanPosted: 02/11/02 19:56   Report Abuse
It didnt load


Shinmen MusashiPosted: 02/11/02 21:58   Report Abuse
Excellent level, man. You never cease to amaze me. There were a few floating trees... but nothing that affected gameplay. Keep up the great work!


RN2804Posted: 02/11/02 22:42   Report Abuse


GIJEDI_JonPosted: 02/11/02 23:30   Report Abuse
the level looks very cool from the screenshots :) and MOTS wups JK anyday (except for the new force power arangements, but heck, its cooler anyway)


FranticPosted: 02/12/02 01:33   Report Abuse
Best eyecandy, coolest theme! awesome!
Though my framerate dropped to the 6s when I looked over the whole level.
rating: 10


MillerPosted: 02/12/02 19:19   Report Abuse
hey what are MOTS is it a game or what???


Rogue15Posted: 02/13/02 02:19   Report Abuse
MOTS is short for Jedi Knight Addon Pack: Mysteries of the Sith.


scott_karanaPosted: 02/17/02 03:57   Report Abuse
Incredible! Loved it! It had flaws, though... There was a floor that wasn't flagged properly, some of the trees collisions got annoying, and, as Shinmen said, there were some floating trees. Other that those, PERFECT!



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