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This level is one of many Imperial Sector Control Centres on the planet Aridus, used as security outposts for the ore mines. Medium size level with guns. This is my first level, so go easy on the criticism. Areas include armory, security stations, a swimming pool and a med centre with full size bacta tanks that work! I may even creat a single player version, which will include better lighting and will be bigger.


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Download: Sector 3027-AA
File Size: 300.2k
Date: 02/15/02
Author: DS-181-4
Downloads: 324


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 4
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EWF_saber_blackPosted: 02/15/02 14:43   Report Abuse
this level is a little boxy, bt I still think its pretty well made......nice job.....i gave it an 8


ZDawgPosted: 02/15/02 15:55   Report Abuse
Very good for a first.


LoC_DeceptionPosted: 02/15/02 17:33   Report Abuse
I like this lvl... it is a huge gun lvl...great for bout 5 or more peeps.. i like the medical station too..g1. i give it 2 thumbs up or in other words an 8 because it was still boxy but it lived up to its star base name!!


DS-181-4Posted: 02/16/02 01:59   Report Abuse
Thanx for your good comments. i Know it's really boxy, but it ttok soooo long to make, i couldn't be bothered doing much more, and i just wanted to get it out there. maybe i'll make less boxy for the single player version.


The_Divine_ShadowPosted: 02/16/02 03:25   Report Abuse
a little bland w/ the default textures, but still not bad for a first. keep editing


Evil_GiraffePosted: 02/16/02 16:06   Report Abuse
nice for a first level. When making your next one, think about some of these things:

1) Boxy architecture.
This has been mentioned before, and you know what we're all refering to. Throw in some more curves; detail along corridors like beams, alcoves; pipes running along walls in the maintenance style areas; rockiness in the outside areas etc.

2) Surface flags
A couple of surfaces that should have been flagged as floor weren't. This can be very frustrating if you jump onto a ledge and find yourself skating along the surface. Makes it kinda tricky to jump off it too! ;)
Also sky flags. Rockets shouldn't explode against the sky!

3) Colourmaps
Are you using the correct .cmp for your level's textures...have you even set the colourmap? There are some good tutorials at Massassi that should help you avoid getting those pinky-purpley textures in places.

4) Gameplay Issues
A grand scale for this level, but does the level fit well with a Deathmatch game? The elevators are very slow - was this a deliberate attempt to break up the flow of the game? I personally would advise you to not use elevators at all in a Deathmatch level (they lag anyway) but if you must, make sure they are automatic and don't require you to hang about.
The rooms themselves were kinda uninteresting for playing in. This sort of crosses over with architecture a bit...People should ENJOY playing your level, this means the rooms provide an interesting game. Your room full of pillars was a start, but it felt way too cramped. The other rooms were so-so. Some places where you could attack out to the outside, which was good.
Weapon placement - is it really sensible to put 50 of the same weapon sitting on a shelf with loads of ammo right beneath it? I know this is supposed to be the armoury, but it's primarily supposed to be a deathmatch level, yes? Spread the weapons out a bit.

5) Textures
Make sure you don't overuse the same textures. I got pretty fed up of the repetitive texturing, do we really need an entire wall of the bar neon sign? Some textures just aren't designed for repeating. It should be pretty obvious which ones they are - signs, terminals, displays etc. Cleave up your walls a bit, and apply some variety!

Overall, a good level for a first release. Next time, I would suggest making a smaller level, but spending the same amount of time on it. That should mean what you create is more quality than quantity.

Keep editing! Sorry if this has sounded overly negative, I just wanted to draw your attention to things that could be improved. Good luck with your next project!


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