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Jedi Master Episode 2 continues the story of the Jedi Master series. In this episode Kyle must infiltrate a feared crimelord's base, to find out who was responsible for the attack during his reward ceremony in the first episode.


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Download: Jedi Master Episode 2
File Size: 860k
Date: 02/23/02
Author: Stormie
Downloads: 1472


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 10
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RN2804Posted: 02/23/02 03:36   Report Abuse
TAke better screenshots, about time for a decent sp level


C_TPosted: 02/23/02 15:02   Report Abuse
Not a bad level but not exactly the best either. The texturing was kind of repetitive. The Archi wasn't that bad but maybey make it a bit less pointy. Oh yea and in the sewers make sure all the sectors are tinted. It's kind of weird in the middle of a tinted sewer all of a sudden it's normal again. Also use the stitching tool in jed it makes the textures line up auto. so you don't have these lines all over the place. The cogs were pretty nice although in the steam room the framerate plummeted. Otherwise its a great level. I give it a 7.
P.S. add more enemies next time


dUmLiNePosted: 02/23/02 16:28   Report Abuse
I give it a 9 on a scale of 10 being so great you quit work and school just to play it over and over again. I especially like the part when you are gassed and dragged down the hallway. I agree with C_T, more enemies are needed. Good job on the cave walls too



Darth VedderPosted: 02/23/02 16:31   Report Abuse
Better then JM 1.

Still a bit short, but I believe that is your intention, releasing many short levels.

The architecure was nice imho, though indead texturing was a bit repetive.

What I really liked about the level is the balance, Everytime I was down on my health there was mostly just one more guy too kill before there were some shields and medpacks.
That last guy being though then, but that's good imho.

The story was nice, but a bit vage, whos ship is that?
But I presume that'll get clear in the next part(s)

Cogging and cutscene's were nice to, though nothing really spectacular.

I very nice short level.


JEDI_StormiePosted: 02/23/02 19:43   Report Abuse
RN2804: The screenshots have just come out a bit dark.. :-(

C_T: I never used stitching on the cave walls, but if it really matters that all the stones are in the correct position then next time I'll stitch them all up. The sewers were the worst part of the level in my view, I never noticed the tint but if I ever go back I'll remove it for you :-) Thanks for the kind comments

dUmLiNe: Thanks for the comments, I will add more enimies next time.. or you can simply put it on hard, you'll find it's harder for some reason ;-)

Vedder: Yes it is beter than JM1 in every way (I hope). It's not my intention to release short levels.. I've just spent alot of time on the arch, making it as detailed as possible. Thanks for the compliments :-)


SimoN CLPosted: 02/26/02 21:36   Report Abuse
Yeh i enjoyed it, as they said it was a tad short, but I kinda expected it with the file size, i think it was download value for money :)

The cutscenes eg. the bit where kyle gets gassed were nice and overall a reasonably solid level worth downloading.


DelavantePosted: 03/05/02 22:17   Report Abuse
I like the architecture, and the voices sounds great but how do I get past the first level after Ive dropped down the pipe where
the locked door is located?


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