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It started 4h Gun Yard, a fun gunning level. But like many of the Canyon Oasis modifications you see today on Massassi, this is a 4h Gun Yard mod. 5h Gun Yard. I won't waste your time with a list of changes; just try it!


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Level Info:

Download: 5h Gun Yard
File Size: 467.5k
Date: 02/28/02
Author: Sabre Wulf and Matthew Zacharias
Downloads: 1149


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 6
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Plasma ManPosted: 02/28/02 05:39   Report Abuse
You're giving me the impression you're not confident in your piece of work in not listing changes, that your work isn't that good and you don't want people to immediately know. And its not a waste of time. Not everyone has to read them and people know beforehand what to expect before they download. But I'll try it anyway.


DSettahrPosted: 02/28/02 07:26   Report Abuse
Havent dl'd it, but it looks good. One word of advice, even if you have a pos computer, its a good idea to turn up the resolution for a few minutes when you are taking screen shots.


AB_LegionPosted: 02/28/02 07:34   Report Abuse

It was a pretty fun level. An overall 8 for you *thumbs up* :)


ModesittPosted: 02/28/02 11:46   Report Abuse
Alright. First of all, don't simply draw conclusions from a levels description. I'd love for massassi to start cracking down on people say "It looks cool, I'll download it later."

1. Architecture. Cool. The ramps are close enough together I can drop from one to the other without damage.

2. Item placement. This is bad. The entire level would degenerate into a conc gankfest - I counted 7 conc rifles, all but one having LOTS of nearby ammo. There was one room with the...OTHER weapons like crossbows, etc.

3. Improperly tinted water. Some of the water wasn't tinted properly. Needless to say, I died a few times assuming that the long tube was filled with badly tinted water.

4. Clipping errors. Yep, few clipping errors on the ramps.

5. I encourage you to play this level with SBX, the ramps encourage good dueling, along with plenty of open area. Plus jumping from ramp to ramp is just plain cool.

Despite the errors and personal gameplay issues, its a solid level.

Don't put so much ammo in a level - Look at Canyon Oasis for inspiration on this. Conc rifles and rail dets should -NEVER- be very easy to access - Bespin Mining Station is my favorite example of 'How To Place Weapons/Items'


XakPosted: 02/28/02 13:21   Report Abuse
Screenies are kinda dark. Next time maybe set it up to a higher brightness setting in-game for our benefit. :) It sounds pretty good, yet due to the fact that I am away from my home PC I cannot download it right now...


Sauron2002Posted: 02/28/02 17:15   Report Abuse
All in all a good level. The problems I did have were mentioned above. The water had almost no tint (actually had no tint in some places). Powerups too close. Big blue balls would be popping up all around which is why I also recommend SBX for this lvl. Also I noticed anothe thing. Rain drops splash on *top* of a sitting body of water, not the very bottom :P Just some things to fixer up.

~Sauron of Mordor


Punk_SkaterPosted: 02/28/02 21:32   Report Abuse
this level is awesome! great for SS3 9.0


Sabre_WulfPosted: 03/01/02 01:57   Report Abuse
Thanks guys. I won't be changing the level, sry about that. But I agree on some.

Too many concs? All levels leet gunners play have ten times this amount of concs for a fewer amount of players. IE: JI Oasis, Merc O, Prince Oasis. They have tons of ammo/concs. Gunners like that. This is a gunners level. It's supposed to be that way. But yes, I understand what you mean. Just sayin, gunners love that.

Crank up res for SS's? Massassi only allows 512x384 res screenies (Could be wrong there).

Turn up the lighting? Then u lose the darkness and tactical viewpoints of the level.

Badly tinted water? OOOOOOOOPPPPPS. hahahaha. Ur right too, the moment I read that I smacked myself. O well.

Thanks!!!!! Glad you guys like it, that's wut I'm aiming for!


SkimpyPosted: 03/01/02 15:51   Report Abuse
I liked the level and Massassi allows 640x480 screenshots.


MorpheusPosted: 03/06/02 21:25   Report Abuse
Not bad. Not great, but not bad. It's an improvement from the origonal 4th gun yard. You might want to practice your water tinting, the clipping on the ramps could use some work, and most of all, weapons placement (ie: conc rifle in a hard-to-reach spot at one end of the level and have the ammo at the other).


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