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This is a short single player level for JK. You have been mysteriously transported to an unknown place where Jerec and some of his other friends are present. They have turned so much against the light side! Jerec has sent Sariss to kill Yun who was also present. You are her next victim. But not far away is Jerec himself. Once he is dead, the other dark souls will also lose power. Target him. But beware as he is heavily guarded!!! This is the first level I have ever created. I am also only a beginner a making levels. I hope you enjoy it...


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Level Info:

Download: Crust BossX Challenge
File Size: 26.4k
Date: 03/06/02
Author: Shaveen K.
Downloads: 2490


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 24
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GhostOfYodaPosted: 03/06/02 21:36   Report Abuse
Quite frankly, the best level on massassi.

GREAT ARCHITECTURE, Origanal story line, Creative texturing.

This deserves nothing LESS than a 10,


TSA_xyzPosted: 03/06/02 21:39   Report Abuse
it sounds cool but i havnt had time to play it..... ill rate it later


GettleburgerPosted: 03/06/02 22:01   Report Abuse
"Quite frankly, the best level on massassi."

ok, gimme a break. All this is is another dark jedi fight remake. And this level has no archi to speak of, just a box connected by another box. I'm sick of authors making other nicks on massassi and rating their own levels. god.


DBZM_KakarotPosted: 03/06/02 22:27   Report Abuse
Well , I quite enjoyed it with SBX3.1 taking on lots of jedi , overall i think this level is ok , but try not to make the area to 'blocky' as we call it. But still , keep up the good work :)


Maugan_RaPosted: 03/06/02 23:02   Report Abuse
oh fo the love of god! this level sucks. dont bother even considering dl this. and dont rate your own levels with a different name!
Maugan Ra
The Harvester of Souls


ComicKookPosted: 03/06/02 23:17   Report Abuse
For my two-cents...

1.) For the guy's first level, I thought it was pretty good. And may I point out, not many people choose to do a single player level for their very first. Anyways, it's ten times better than my first level (which I strategically never released.) And at least he made a conscious attempt to make a connecting, sensible plot. Granted, it's nowhere close to being original, but he could've done worse.

2.) Let's give the guy the benefit of the doubt before accusing him of setting up fake user names to boost his level. Let's think logically. There has only been only commenter, GhostOfYoda, who praised the level for its originality, architecture, and flat out called it the best level at Massassi. Since these are the qualities that this level is weakest in, don't you think it may be possible that Yoda was being purely sarcastic? That was my first impression.

Of course, I may be completely wrong about all of this. I'm just saying give the poor guy a break.


The_Divine_ShadowPosted: 03/07/02 00:23   Report Abuse
Rule #1: NNNNEEEEVVVVEEEERRRR post your first level.

Rule #2: NNNNEEEEVVVVEEEERRRR make rate your own level with a different nick.


TSA_xyzPosted: 03/07/02 00:31   Report Abuse
well this lvl is not good..... too many bad guys.... but ive never even made a lvl cause its to hard so thats good


bobafett_765Posted: 03/07/02 02:18   Report Abuse
Although I'm not anything close to a good level editor, this level seems like a waste. Constructing single player levels is much harder than multiplayer levels, so why a newbie editor would try for an SP level is unknown to me. The storyline was completely unoriginal and the tiny file size makes the level appear as nothing but worthless trash. I don't mean to sound harsh, but if you're going to release your first level, make sure it has some value and has a rather good storyline, not just some "Jerec and Sariss are back and want to kill Kyle" garbage. Still, I'll give you a 2 for trying.


moronmissionPosted: 03/07/02 03:54   Report Abuse
This was not the worst level I ever played, but it sure wasn't the best either. It was very boxy but, I think the author tried to make a good level. You can't just create a first level and release it. I've made about 12 levels and I still haven't released any. It takes time to learn how to create levels. I give it a 4 for effort.


SimoN CLPosted: 03/07/02 14:43   Report Abuse
I'm sorry, I've played alright first levels before. This wasnt one of them. You basically get exactly what you see in the screenshots, and the idea isnt original either.

Its just not worth downloading. Its one of these first levels that gives all first releases a bad name.


Darth VedderPosted: 03/07/02 15:13   Report Abuse
Rule 3: never give a crappy level a decent rating because it's the author's first, or 'I can't make levels myself'
That's just plane bullshit, people who want to download levels often look at the scores to see if they want it, when it's high they'll download it. This gives the the wrong idea about a level.

It's also more encouraging for the author if you give functional ratings and valueble advice, then he'll probably try to improve it in his next levels ==] better levels for everyone.


SotE_Xizor1Posted: 03/07/02 15:30   Report Abuse
OH MY GOD!!! What did you DO to JK!? Didn't you read tips and stuff on how to make JK levels? It says to never release your first level. I made about 3 levels, and I never released em, because I think they're not good. Maybe you should try that. I rated this a 0.


GhostOfYodaPosted: 03/07/02 16:37   Report Abuse

Have you ever heard of a thing called sarcasm?


Rogue15Posted: 03/07/02 18:54   Report Abuse
ookkkk.....what was THAT. the level got a glitch in it, i went to quicksave and it just crashed jk. :D

umm, basically a box with 2-3 extruded surfaces...good 3do placement...umm was sorta fun going up against all but 2 of the Dark Jedi at once. uh, nice glass affect thing...what purpose that console served is beyond me...I give it a 1. I highly recommend learning to cleave. Use one of the catwalk/negative space editing tutorials, or learn to make 3dos. Those helped me ALOT.


Dark_Jedi_YunPosted: 03/08/02 04:24   Report Abuse
This is good for a first level, its better than my first level


Darth VedderPosted: 03/08/02 09:20   Report Abuse
My first level (SP) was alot better then this, but I didn't release it because it was still alot of crap...

But I do suggest the author to continue editing, I mean I got SotD for the third time now (+ 3 times at tacc), and I started out just as crappy.


Sabre_WulfPosted: 03/09/02 00:31   Report Abuse
Shav, I disagree, I think releasing this level was a good idea. BLEH to all the ones who oppose me. I'm not the best level editor (obviously) but I can say this much. Go download Graphitallica 2 from the Mat Packs section. It's GREAT. Then I would suggest reading a cleave tutorial (like someone suggested). Also, Just let me say you have lots of potential and I expect to see more material from you soon. GW.


ThundererPosted: 03/09/02 01:42   Report Abuse
Pretty good, although I thought having all the dark jedi take you on at once was a bit ....much. Well, good other than that. Keep trying.


ConnemaraPosted: 03/16/02 04:24   Report Abuse
Maybe I'm just a sucker for weird little levels, but I enjoyed it. It had no plot to speak of, but it was fun none the less. I enjoyed taking on all those Jedi at once. :)


Jedi warriorPosted: 10/05/02 07:50   Report Abuse
i think this level is good but its easy i beat it in 1 min .


Master_mdd2003Posted: 08/08/03 19:31   Report Abuse
Why does everyone always choose Yun to be the one who dies in their levels. If you look at the last level on this list "Kyle and Yun..." Jerec is about to slice Yun in half and Kyle does nothing about it.


a_personPosted: 10/16/03 09:55   Report Abuse
im in the middle of posting a level. decide i want to play somthing. look for somthing small. click this. takes 1 second


JKD_AnakinPosted: 12/02/03 04:39   Report Abuse
i think it is the best lvl on massassi

and this is NOT a made up authors nickname

and i dont think ghostofyoda is either

it does deserve nothing less then 10

it deserves 21 but massassi will only let me give 10


interim_jarethPosted: 06/14/06 22:17   Report Abuse
C'mon guys, give the guy a break. If you were truly dedicated to the creation of this level.. I give you a three.. Just for the fact that you are a beginner, and are trying to be as creative as you can be given the level you are on right now. Don't give in to hate, that leads to the dark-side.


VancePosted: 08/04/06 11:38   Report Abuse
brill for a first level, my first was prety original though methinks (an underwater arena with invisible breathing holes) but i like the "Jerec Targeting thing" you've got going on there, 5\10 for a good attempt and keep at it!!


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