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This all new version of Rbots has now been released, featuring major reworking, bug fixing and most importantly all new MotS only levels 'Gantry', 'Throneroom', 'Carbon Freeze', 'Sith Temple' & 'Spaceport'. With improved lightsaber combat, smarter enemy AI, new MotS only bot skins, and more, I know you will be pleased with the end result. Please note that due to illness this is the final version that will be released.


Level Info:

Download: Rbots MotS
File Size: 3Megs
Date: 03/11/02
Author: Raynar
Downloads: 2470


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 11
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Lord_GrismathPosted: 03/11/02 11:14   Report Abuse
Since its original incarnation, the Rbots program has vied to make the Jedi Multiplayer experience more than was ever imaginged by the LucasArts team in 1997 or 1998. It attempted to add a form of gameplay that was at the time only seen in the premier games of the time, and it has accomplished this goal in a most admirable manner.

It as brought an aspect of multiplayer gameplay to Jedi Knight that has only been matched in games that are two or three years newer such as Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena. Thus, the Rbots program has taken a venerable, clunky engine that was four years old, and has turned it into something that can stand up to many of the multiplayer gaming experiences today.

This is what Rbots is all about. My kudos goes out to all involved in this project. Congratulations, and a job well done.

-Lord Tiberius Grismath


Rogue15Posted: 03/12/02 03:23   Report Abuse
whoa. that was AWESOME!!!!! whoever gave it a 0 and not telling why sux, btw.

I'm glad to see all the levels done. umm i hope u get well from your 'illness'. :)


moronmissionPosted: 03/19/02 00:54   Report Abuse
This is one of my favorite mods. For the best action I suggest playing these levels without the Rbots mod and instead playing it with the Saber Battle X 3. You don't get any of the bot options, but you get the best saber fighting. I give this mod a 10!


CorrectionPosted: 03/20/02 02:40   Report Abuse
I aggree. Combined with SBX, this is about the coolest thing to ever come to JK/MotS. Only little bug I found is sometimes if a bot has another bot targetted, if the first bot falls in a pit the second will jump in after it. But that's nothing to pout over, I think this is like the coolest thing in the world.


moronmissionPosted: 04/10/02 03:50   Report Abuse
[edit: why the heck didn't I realize I wrote it twice until it was too late!]


Beatles_D.Bowie_R. StonesPosted: 06/27/02 13:53   Report Abuse
A great download, and it's pretty fun & cool, but for some reason,when I play it, it lets me play for about five minutes or so, then the game crashes. Anyone know why? Thanks. I'd say to download it, because if it works well for you, then you won't regret downloading it.


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