Corellian Orbital Shipyards

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It is a time of renewed optimism within the Rebellion. Luke Skywalker, a young farm boy from Tattooine, has recently destroyed the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. Seeking to retain the initiative, the Rebels have launched a series of smaller attacks aimed at disrupting the Imperial war machine. Princes Leia has dispatched a young Rebel commando to Corellia. His mission: disengage the docking clamps on a near-complete Star Destroyer, setting off a safety mechanism causing it to self destruct as it plummets into the Corellian atmosphere.


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Download: Corellian Orbital Shipyards
File Size: 4.4Megs
Date: 03/14/02
Author: FoolsParadise
Downloads: 2125


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 11
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Rogue15Posted: 03/14/02 20:58   Report Abuse
YES!!! it's for MotS!!!!!! :D *dloads*


Darth VedderPosted: 03/14/02 22:03   Report Abuse
Nice, level, read my comment on the tacc, L&E Forum.


C_TPosted: 03/14/02 23:02   Report Abuse
Nice lvl It was pretty fun. The texture could have used some work but otherwise not to bad. the archi also was a bit boxy one thing you could have done with that was instead of all those slanted passageways make them curved instead of a straight slant. It may play havoc with the texturing but it makes your lvl that much better. Overall I give you a nine



DS-181-4Posted: 03/15/02 04:18   Report Abuse
looks nice. i like the idea. arhitcture looks good. i can only judge by the screens at the mo, because my friend has my copy of MotS but count me as a download. one problem tho, Star Destroyers are made at Kuat Drive Yards in the Kuat system, not corellia. but that doesn't matter much.


ZDawgPosted: 03/15/02 17:03   Report Abuse
Some people know to much about a fantesy world

- Nice level 9.


PuglerPosted: 03/16/02 23:32   Report Abuse
Looks grandtastical!


ChrisRokPosted: 03/17/02 02:53   Report Abuse
This was a good level. Everyone who is complaining about the architecture, wall, floors, etc., should calm down, you all know this was a fun level.


scott_karanaPosted: 03/19/02 23:26   Report Abuse
NO kidding, Chris. Though I do know what they mean about the archi. The texturing was reasonable, but custom textures woulda imporve the level a lot. The Star Wars music was a great touch too... I'm looking forward to more good stuf of yours!


MasterJediLukePosted: 07/24/02 18:25   Report Abuse
By the way, Corellia does have a shipyard (Corellian Engineering Corporation controls them) but there's no reason why they couldn't build ISDS. They couldn't possibly be ALL made at Kuat..


x_X_pUFf_X_xPosted: 09/02/02 15:37   Report Abuse
hey g lvl. and, about above^: your right kuat can't possibly make all those star destroyers (SD), but corellia is a neutral system. I does have big assed ship yards but they don't build SDs, they're mainly imp built. Kuat is an imp controlled system, and it has huge ship yards. there are other smaller places where SDs are built, but none as important as Kuat.

good lvl i agree with the archi comments. 1.8 thumbs up.


StuartPosted: 09/03/02 00:35   Report Abuse
Yes but the Empire controlled the galaxy- they could have used the shipyard facilities to build whatever they liked...


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