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This level is Jedi Master Episode 2 converted to multiplayer. I have scattered a few people around that can help you teleport to different places, just go over to them and hit space. These include some people/enemies that were in Jedi Master Episode 2 like Kyle, Jan, tusken, greedo, and a few more. It also features a puzzle to get the concussion rifle and a nice "Easter egg". I created this so I could run wild over my level with my mates having a laugh. As it's MOTS it probably won't get played over the zone, but at least that means it won't get hacked to bits.

This level is dedicated to Jamie Brice (known to most as JEDI Rex) who died in 2001. He will always be remembered.


Level Info:

Download: Jedi Master Episode 2 Multiplayer Deathmatch
File Size: 778.4k
Date: 03/19/02
Author: Stormie
Downloads: 928


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 3
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SeiferPosted: 03/19/02 00:40   Report Abuse
not bad, not bad at all


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