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A small patch which fixes a small problem I noted in Jedi Outcast, which is that when the saber fans out, the glow does not remain "smooth" as in the movies, but becomes streaked. Also, I made the invulnerability bubble which appears when the player respawns blue, because it looked cooler that way.


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Posted: 2002-03-28 9:29 p.m.   Report Abuse
Im gonna see what this is like....
Posted: 2002-03-28 9:29 p.m.   Report Abuse
Posted: 2002-03-28 9:39 p.m.   Report Abuse
JO does have ingame support for dynamic loading of mods, but I'm not entirely sure how it's done. I toyed around with the system a bit, perhaps it requires the presence of either a loadable library or virtual machine. Anyway, to use this mod, you have to go into your Jedi Outcast directory, and go under the GameData directory. In there is a directory called base. Put the pk3 into that folder. You may not be able to play using this mod if the server is not running with it and will not allow "unpure" clients.
Posted: 2002-03-29 9:30 a.m.   Report Abuse
Does everyone in a game have to have this mod for it to work? Or could it be set up so that you see the better looking saber and the people who dont have the mod would just see it the way it comes with the game. Kinda like JK skins where other players see you as kyle but you see the skin.
Posted: 2002-03-29 9:40 a.m.   Report Abuse
I have a question. How can I add it to the game?
Posted: 2002-03-29 10:10 a.m.   Report Abuse
To both DrunkenLegend and Vann: read what I said above. I wish it were like in JK where not everything is checksummed for comparison, but as far as I know, in the q3 netcode, if the client references "invalid pk3 files," that is, pk3 (the q3 equivalent of a gob) files which are not installed on the server, that client can not join unless the server has "allow impure clients" enabled. However, I believe this allows anyone to use any mod, regardless of what it does, meaning cheating is incredibly easy.
Posted: 2002-03-29 11:37 a.m.   Report Abuse
Looks like i have a lot of work to do. First i have to actually BUY the game and then i have to figure the game physics out. Then i'll be releasing some of my own mods(ala DBZ Saiyan 3.0). I know i'm not even okay at making mods, but it's my favorite hobby. As for this mod, kudos to lordvader for staring a new revolution in mod-making!
Posted: 2002-03-29 3:08 p.m.   Report Abuse
Nice work, I welcome any progress to the MP levels of Outcast. I think that they are very limited, when compared to other games. The skins are mostly bogus... oh sorry I got carried away, but I am sure more people feel this way
Posted: 2002-03-30 4:02 a.m.   Report Abuse
The first mod of the new JK game.....sniff sniff its so beautiful....
Posted: 2002-03-30 8:39 a.m.   Report Abuse
:p Not really. Just the first one on Massassi.

And lordvader! Stop throwing ppl left and right! :D

Looks great. Keep up the good work.
Posted: 2002-03-30 9:59 a.m.   Report Abuse
hmmmm....where do we save JK2 mods to?
Posted: 2002-03-30 12:33 p.m.   Report Abuse
I sent this in for the news, but figured I'd post it here, too. Kudos to Bar Tender for helping me figure out the following:

Having been experimenting since the release of my Z Arenas! mod for Jedi Outcast, I have found a better way to implement mods than the one stated in my readme file. The following method can be used to add a mod to JK2 without having to remove it to play on a 'pure' server that doesn't have it:
In your JK2 GameData folder, create another folder with the name of the mod (e.g. Z Arena). Place the pk3 file for the mod in this folder. You can then turn this mod on and off by going to 'SETUP' and then 'MODS' in JK2.
Mods do NOT stay on between each time you run JK2, so you will need to switch them on each time. To turn Mods off without restarting JK2, simply click an empty line (so no Mod is highlighted) and hit 'Load Mod'.
All pk3s in a folder will be activated if there are more than one, so you can activate several mods by putting them all in one folder.
Dark Jedi
Posted: 2002-03-30 9:22 p.m.   Report Abuse
it didn't take you guys long to make a mod or anything of that sort for the new JK game i'm getting the game tomarrow and will probably d/l this mod !
Posted: 2002-03-31 8:27 p.m.   Report Abuse
Now for some whacked-out gun mods...

And how 'bout Drazen Isle II? Or JHS II?

Dang, this is so cool, I gotta use the can...
Posted: 2002-04-01 2:34 p.m.   Report Abuse
Its finaly here!!! And now massassi's startin to get stuff for it to! At this time there are no MP Levels so i guess it'll be a first-JK2-level-at-massassi-race soon. Saw the idea of 'JHS II' and since JHS is the most downloaded level, level builders will prolly create is kindda soon. A question: Will there be mods to change the game as much as the SBX mod did with JK?
Posted: 2002-04-01 7:53 p.m.   Report Abuse
Seriously, I'd rather see the original author of JHS do JHS II... same thing with what other great level sequels there'd be.

...and to the authors themselves...
Don't forget us people with outdated machines! Keep yer polycounts low, dang it! 'Sides, a multiplayer map shouldnt have high-polys slowing it down in the first place.
Posted: 2002-04-04 1:37 a.m.   Report Abuse
Posted: 2002-04-21 2:34 p.m.   Report Abuse
I really like the light motion trail tweaking since it looks even more accurate to the movies. The blue respawn shell is a nice touch as well :]
Posted: 2002-04-21 3:06 p.m.   Report Abuse
I'm confused about how to load mods!! I followed your directions but it still wont work! Please help!

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