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Place this file in your JK2/gamedata/base/ folder. It will make all levels available in Free For All and Duel modes. If you want Team Free For All included, e-mail me and I'll release an update.

Why 'Z' Arenas? No reason. =)
Remember to remove the file if you are playing on a 'pure' server that does not support it.


Level Info:

Download: Z Arenas!
File Size: 2k
Date: 03/29/02
Author: [GI] Hal
Downloads: 2836


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 8
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AglarPosted: 03/29/02 22:23   Report Abuse
Not even one hour ago I was thinking of how all levels should be available in all game modes. Great work!


PommyPosted: 03/29/02 23:36   Report Abuse
We need someone to make a JO Patch Commander, real fast :)


AglarPosted: 03/30/02 00:19   Report Abuse
It doesn't need one. It allows mods to be activated from within the game.


DBS_Vendo_700Posted: 03/30/02 00:49   Report Abuse
Is this for JK DF 2, or is it for Jedi Outcast?


AglarPosted: 03/30/02 01:06   Report Abuse
It's for JO. That'd be why it says "The Massassi Temple: Jedi Outcast Mod: Z Arenas!" at the top.


Lord_Maul155Posted: 03/30/02 01:09   Report Abuse
Yeah what is this mod for Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 or Outcast. and also it is a pk3 file where do i place it in the Dark Forces folder! no rating


GethroPosted: 03/30/02 01:37   Report Abuse
Its for Outcast....like it says at the top...*sigh*

I'll try this once I download it, thank god BGJ 2.0 can be played on FFA now.


AglarPosted: 03/30/02 02:12   Report Abuse
Lord_Maul155, are you blind? My post (which was *right before yours*) clearly stated that it was for Jedi Outcast.


HalPosted: 03/30/02 20:27   Report Abuse
I sent this in for the news, but figured I'd post it here, too. Kudos to Bar Tender for helping me figure out the following:

Having been experimenting since the release of my Z Arenas! mod for Jedi Outcast, I have found a better way to implement mods than the one stated in my readme file. The following method can be used to add a mod to JK2 without having to remove it to play on a 'pure' server that doesn't have it:
In your JK2 GameData folder, create another folder with the name of the mod (e.g. Z Arena). Place the pk3 file for the mod in this folder. You can then turn this mod on and off by going to 'SETUP' and then 'MODS' in JK2.
Mods do NOT stay on between each time you run JK2, so you will need to switch them on each time. To turn Mods off without restarting JK2, simply click an empty line (so no Mod is highlighted) and hit 'Load Mod'.
All pk3s in a folder will be activated if there are more than one, so you can activate several mods by putting them all in one folder.


kunckles1Posted: 03/30/02 20:57   Report Abuse
wow JO is out already? omg! how much does it cost? i have to get it! unfourtunatly im broke :(


AglarPosted: 03/31/02 05:40   Report Abuse
Hmm, I tried that before you said it (putting it in a directory), as it has worked with past Quake3 engine games, and couldn't make it work. Curious.


Kyle_2002Posted: 05/04/02 17:28   Report Abuse
Like da sound of this 1. Is JO out in England yet?


takeitintheassPosted: 06/16/02 04:09   Report Abuse
the game costs $50 dollers and it's actually worth more if you ask me. this game is, dare i say, better than counter-strike. i can't believe i just said that...good mod wish i could make my own.


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