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This is an update to the previous version of Z Arenas! It will make all levels available in Team Free For All, as well as the Free For All and Duel modes included in the original version. To enable the mod, create a new folder for it in your JK2 GameData folder. It can then be turned on in the Mods part of the JK2 Setup menu. Why 'Z' Arenas? No reason. =)


Level Info:

Download: Z Arenas! Version 1.1
File Size: 2k
Date: 04/01/02
Author: [GI] Hal
Downloads: 3408


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 8
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Dark-TaxarPosted: 04/01/02 06:57   Report Abuse
awesome, keep up the good work


moronmissionPosted: 04/01/02 16:14   Report Abuse
Great Job! I can't believe one of the first mods out for Jedi Outcast could actually be good. I give it a 10!


Dark-TaxarPosted: 04/02/02 07:20   Report Abuse
I'd like to know how to make mods for JK2, what program do you use to make them?


AnydrezPosted: 04/02/02 18:55   Report Abuse
Yea this sounds pretty cool but I'm not going to download it(yet) but I bet he used something even as simple as note pad... probaly not


HalPosted: 04/02/02 19:13   Report Abuse
Actually this one WAS done in Notepad, as it's a rather simple text file edit. Most, serious JK2 editing will require some knowledge of C++ and/or the SDK which will hopefully be released VERY soon.


JL_Qui_Gon_JinnPosted: 04/03/02 01:13   Report Abuse
I enjoy playing BGJ2.0 in FFA :) 10


pcguru012Posted: 04/03/02 14:48   Report Abuse
its greatthat you're opening up the game like that


khaavrenPosted: 04/04/02 20:06   Report Abuse
Ok, so I might be mis-reading something here. when you say this mod opens up all levels for FFA play, does that mean it opens all SP levels for play? If so, then I seem to be having a problem, because when I try to load say artus_detention, I get a "max_submodels exceeded" error. Am I doing something wrong?


OmegaZeroPosted: 04/04/02 22:50   Report Abuse
Do I need to have the original Z Arenas before I get the update?


DSettahrPosted: 04/05/02 21:20   Report Abuse
Khaavren, not all MP levels are available for all modes of MP play. For example, Battleground Jedi 2.0 is available only in duel mode... this mod makes all the levels available for all types of play.


PhillioPosted: 04/07/02 23:40   Report Abuse
I can't get any of my mods to show up in the mod menu! Can someone help me? I put the pk3 file in a folderin the gamedata...but it still doesn't showe up! :-(


scarabPosted: 04/12/02 20:18   Report Abuse
Its more of a "tweak" than a mod, so it doesnt show up in the mods menu. Just host and select, say, Free For All, and you will see the Duel maps available.


PhillioPosted: 04/16/02 02:58   Report Abuse
Thanks for your help! It is appeciated! :)


TienPosted: 04/23/02 23:22   Report Abuse
Couldnt you try the Q3 or RTCW SDK and fiddle with that for now?


ReneePosted: 05/11/02 21:41   Report Abuse
Great mod... exept that it needs another version for 1.3! BTW, does this mod put just the default maps in the other game modes, or does it work for downloaded ones too?


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