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SSR 4000 sniper rifle from Agent Under Fire, featuring a scope and high-powered bullets with special effects. Also includes the Q-Jet.


Level Info:

Download: SSR 4000
File Size: 200k
Date: 04/05/02
Author: ID_Junkguy and ID_Matt
Downloads: 1311


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 9
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Star_GhostPosted: 04/05/02 18:37   Report Abuse
Ghost's Mod Review:

Gameplay: It's pretty good but why is it that you hold your gun outwards? Your supposed to hold a sniper any kind of sniper rifle against your shoulder. Other than that, a decent mod.


JL_Qui_Gon_JinnPosted: 04/05/02 23:52   Report Abuse
FINALLY! a mod for JO that is not jsut a skin, but an enhancment of guns. good worx. in my words i declare this. the first actuall JO modification thats not jsut a skin. cheers!


BlackKnightPosted: 04/06/02 00:21   Report Abuse
its a mod for JK, u really should read the stuff at the top of the page that says The Massassi Temple: Jedi Knight Mod: SSR blah blah.


DBS_Vendo_700Posted: 04/06/02 03:30   Report Abuse
Good work. Im glad there are still JK mods coming around...everything else is JO and its pissing me off lol!


PommyPosted: 04/06/02 23:45   Report Abuse
It resembles the SSR (sort of :p). It works almost exactly like it. Good work!


PommyPosted: 04/06/02 23:45   Report Abuse
[edit: whoops, double post]


UZIMANPosted: 04/08/02 00:25   Report Abuse
I have two words: FRIGGIN' SWEEEEEET!!! this thing would be awesome in ss3 guns! awesome mod!


GandalfPosted: 05/05/02 16:47   Report Abuse
I found this rather enjoyable. It was well made and a good idea in general. I need not say more.


MorpheusPosted: 05/15/02 20:16   Report Abuse
I like it except for two things: I think that when you're looking through the scope, the background should be black, not grey, and a sniper rifle should be held in tightly to the shoulder with the right elbow held high. but other than that, it's the first good sniper rifle i've seen in JK


stickystufPosted: 07/26/02 15:42   Report Abuse
HEY! This is a great mod, I even played it with you, ID_Junkguy! Everything was great including the one hit kills and the looks of the Sniper Rifle (SSR4000). The scope needs to be reworked, when you try to snipe somebody far away the crosshair in the scope gets in the way. I think you should make the crosshairs more thin. Then, I'll be able to snipe people accurately! Great mod! 9/10


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