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You will have to fight your way through endless waves of reborn (54 of them), each wave progressively tougher than the last. But, you start the map with full saber and force powers (except saber throw 3 because level 3 saberthrow is better for fighting stormtroopers than jedi). You will even fight Tavion and, at the very end, Desann!


Level Info:

Download: The Ladder (Music Included)
File Size: 11.8Megs
Date: 04/06/02
Author: JediNight
Downloads: 29074


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 68
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Punk_SkaterPosted: 04/06/02 15:04   Report Abuse
why are the screens all blurry? and what is the point of the level?


DarKreTwelPosted: 04/06/02 15:14   Report Abuse
Is this just one level with 54 bots? Well all I know is it would give a heck of a training level. But since you said you have to fight 54 Reborn and two bosses, theres no fun to that. Alot of sith in one room is annoying. Ill give it a 5 since it is the first single player level released.


IGF_hiPosted: 04/06/02 16:06   Report Abuse
this lvl rocks i think its cool its best in the hard mode. i like the music. nice job i gave it a 10


IGF_hiPosted: 04/06/02 16:48   Report Abuse
Dessan seemed harder in this lvl to beat than fighting him JK2 lvl but that made it better


Raptor386Posted: 04/06/02 18:24   Report Abuse
ya Should have added a script that tells you what wave your on. ("level 1" "Level 2" etc.)


AKPiggottPosted: 04/06/02 18:40   Report Abuse
Well.. I downloaded it, the level features absolutely no plot, no mission objectives or any new architecture whatsoever... but it's a lot of fun, so I couldn't really care less. It's shamelessly dependent on JO's excellent saber system (a level like this for JK1 simply wouldn't work) and is a great showcase for all the cool moves you can achieve in it, as well as the force powers. You don't fight all the Sith at once, so don't expect a challenge of Planet Sith proportions. As the name suggests, you fight them in a ladder system. You start off with one Sith, kill him, then two respawn, kill them then three, and so on and so on. I can see this one becoming a favourite for mods. Who would've guessed that Prodigy's "Smack my Bitch Up" would have fitted so well into the Star Wars universe?


rjklevelsPosted: 04/06/02 19:10   Report Abuse
Not bad - in a way. A label of 'saber training' would suit best. There is no story, nothing. But hey, my first level for JK wasn't much more although at the time the JED editor couldn't really do anymore and that level at least had a plot.
Along with AKPiggott (read above), it was kinda fun... kinda. Just not a SP level imho.


Eike LegienPosted: 04/06/02 19:26   Report Abuse
very nice level.


roscoPosted: 04/06/02 19:35   Report Abuse
I just played through the level, and it was sort of fun. No real point, but the difficulty level seemed to be raised a bit so that was nice. Desann was a little tougher than he was in SP, which was a plus. I guess for the first level, it was Okay. =)Keep the levels coming!


General CharoziacPosted: 04/06/02 21:30   Report Abuse
When I Dled this level, I knew it was gonna be a good saber training level. I was pleasantly suprised by the difficulty of some parts (i.e., 4 shadow troopers at once) but found Tavion and Dessan to be far too easy. All I did was break that window and wait for them to jump up at me. They were sucked out and killed without me even swinging at them once. And there was no end to the level, I ran around slashing the wall for 5 minutes after Dessan was vacuumed out.
I gave the level a 6 for its training value.


BelacquaPosted: 04/07/02 01:25   Report Abuse
So, wait a second. You're telling me that I just downloaded a 11MB file, which is basically what can be achieved by my mindless clicking of a button due to the vast quantaties of enemies, while listening to "Smack my Bitch Up."

Oh please. This may have been the first JKII SP Level, but it's nothing to drop to your knees and pray about. This is a decent saber training level, and nothing more. Any fool can stick 60 enemies in a room, and call it a level.

The only thing that makes this work is incredible reliability on JKII itself. Think about it, if you even tried to do anything like this in JKI (and it has been done, believe me), it would fail in an instant.

I appreciate your efforts, and I know that this is your first JKII level, but do me a favour. Next time, please actually make it a single player mission, not a Free for All.


EmonPosted: 04/07/02 02:43   Report Abuse
I give it a 7. It was loads of fun, especially because of the music.

Guys, the point here isn't a good story or plot or puzzles, it's killing stuff and that's it. Try spawning Lukes or the JediTrainers (the Jedi NPC is an idiot) to make it more interesting.

I downloaded this level in like, 45 seconds. Whoever said Massassi's server is slow must be retarded; I got 350 Kbps!


DSettahrPosted: 04/07/02 06:14   Report Abuse
This level was simple, but it was very fun to play. I definately felt a sense of accomplishment when I beat it, having defeated 54 Dark Jedi in a row.


StriderPosted: 04/07/02 06:17   Report Abuse
I loved the level, loads of fun. Even if it's just spawning, it was still cool. I liked the music, especially the last theme. =) If this is just the beginning of the levels, I can't wait for what's ahead!


MrFairPosted: 04/07/02 15:56   Report Abuse
Its fun to play this level, its good for training too and i like the music.


KedriPosted: 04/07/02 16:00   Report Abuse
Uh, guys, I guess you overlooked the fact that this map wasn't created with the actual JO tools. It was converted through the kindness of the Raven folks from its Q3 setting. How can it possibly offer single-player missions when Q3 isn't even suited to do that?

I agree, it's excellent for saber training, but given how this level was made, it's ridiculous to expect anything more at this point.

Seriously folks, find something more legitimate to criticize. Or, at least, save the argument for when the actual editing tools are released.


ColigeonPosted: 04/07/02 17:10   Report Abuse
I liked it. I gave it a 10 because like it was said above, it was the first created level by a user, and because I found it to be fun and entertaining. Kept you on your feet. Heh, nice choice of music at the end. Good old Conan eh? Good job makin' it. Hope to see more comin' out. Thanks again.


dreetje31Posted: 04/07/02 19:51   Report Abuse
Well I already posted a comment, but I just have to say again how much it rules. I enjoy a bit of sabering and violence. Hell its just awesome
A suggestion I wanted to add is to create more skins to be used in a level like this. As Darth Maul or Vader, or Obi-wan this level would be even better. But well you can't have it all..........or can you??


The PiperPosted: 04/08/02 01:18   Report Abuse
I enjoy this level quite alot. Good job.
I think that all duels from all the movies should be recreated. We have the deathstar map for ROTJ... lets see some creative use of skins/bots and level editing to bring the final battle to life. We have a bespin map that could be edited to recreated ESB... we have numerous hangars for Obi-wan and Vader.
How about Duel of the Fates....that would look stunning and play so well. I lack the skill/talent to do any of this but i present the idea. Im sure people agree.



VengaurdPosted: 04/09/02 01:15   Report Abuse
this level is great, its all just hack and slash but the multi player bots suck in JO so its an excelent replacement. i cant beat past the 3 shadow troopers without being cheap and gripping them/lifting and throwing out window.
but just think how great this will be once that co op mod comes out :) !!!


GSA-OmegaPosted: 04/11/02 16:10   Report Abuse
I agree to the fact that the SP ending was too short and jk2 mp bots are really too predictable

But down to what i thought of the lvl. What a simple piece editing. I mean come on little bit of bridge, a window, shove a few bots in and ure there... and that's what makes it so great. It's always fun to be dropped right in the middle of a load of enemies and just have to fight as fast and hard as possible. I play jk2 on jedi master, so it was a relief to be able to get desaan out of the window. Without the invulnerability beam of the final lvl of jk2 (force pull the two switches on the upper lvl a beam appears in the middle o the room), Desaan is a tough boss to beat. What would be nice is to have a lvl like when u first meet reelo. just be surrounded by stormtroopers or somethin and have to fight ur way out.

No storyline, just a great fightin lvl. Hopefully there'll b more like this to come.


mscPosted: 04/12/02 07:36   Report Abuse
Absolutly cool! Especialy the music is great. Would like to habe it as Multiplayer-Level, but without the window. MFG


blorffttPosted: 04/14/02 19:01   Report Abuse
This is some of the most fun I've ever had with a third-party map. Great idea, awesome execution -- I love it. I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of this map, I can tell :) Thanks.


PhillioPosted: 04/18/02 01:46   Report Abuse
Sorry for posting so much, but I found a very awesome way to play this level. get into the console (shift ~) then type devmapall..then type in timescale .4 that makes it slower and the battles cooler. To tourn the time back to normal, type in timescale 1 then you'll be good to go! Have fun! :-)


ManaWildPosted: 04/24/02 07:04   Report Abuse
Very very nice, I loved the music. It was very challenging. I really could care less if there was a story or not. You don't need one when your hacking away at Reborn, Darktroopers, and two evil Jedi. All in all a perfect 10. This level is for anybody who really wanna hone their jedi saber skills!! Keep them comming!


mcaragPosted: 04/30/02 15:35   Report Abuse
A simplistic but terrific showcase of the JK2's best feature - lightsaber combat. If Raven hadn't so deftly executed this aspect of the game, this level would not nearly be a quarter as exciting as it is.

Fortunately, they delivered (and how!) in that respect, which leaves only the level design; and in this case, the simplicity of this arena befits the combat quite well.

I can't remember the last time I've had this much fun in an action game. Just playing this level over and over has sucked way too much time out of my finals week.


dreetje31Posted: 05/01/02 09:39   Report Abuse
I already posted a comment ut I just want to ask one thing. Is it me or does this level freeze or screw up every time you plau it with another SP character besides Kyle???? I tried SP Desann, Luke and Maul,from and they either freeze up after about 30 seconds or they hold their lightsaber wrong that is through their bodies. Anyone know how to fix this.
Oh and they don't freeze in the regular SP levels`
EDIT: Oops they do freeze in the other levels


MasterJediLukePosted: 05/03/02 19:14   Report Abuse
Guess what? It's an empty zip file that is 11mb. Great. It crapped itself badly.


SSmonstersPosted: 05/04/02 18:40   Report Abuse
What are you supposed to do after u kill Desann???


PhillioPosted: 05/06/02 10:21   Report Abuse
I can play SP with other people and it doesn't freeze up!
NOTE: Make sure that you aren't going into a saved game!


SpecNavPosted: 05/07/02 01:29   Report Abuse
First of all, you people who are basically blasting this guy's level, you might want to PLAY it first before you pass judgement. Reborn do NOT all appear at once! There is an increasing difficulty. Just go PLAY it first. This level is fun, because it's simply a great saber combat level. Yeessh.


ZkilibonPosted: 05/12/02 23:51   Report Abuse
Whoever says this is only good as a saber training level has got to have something wrong with them... It's NOT supposed to have a plot!!! It's just saber combat, which is probably the best part of JO!! Hell, make up your own plot to go with it- it's a totally free form level! One thing that kept this away from a 10 was the fact that the supports on the upper catwalk will break, but the bridge won't fall... It would have added alot more coolness factor if you could use that as an "environmental attack" like the big glass window that sucks you out. Great offering for the FIRST SINGLE PLAYER MOD made by someone!!!


ZkilibonPosted: 05/12/02 23:54   Report Abuse
Oh yeah one more thing... I noticed a bug in here where like 12 heads pop off the same reborn jedi with the "Saberrealisticcombat" on... anybody know what's going on???


V_G_BoyPosted: 05/14/02 01:04   Report Abuse
ok i dled this when it came out and still play it. (Though I still have to beat it without cheats.)
I find this level extremely fun with the timescale .2 or .5 cheat on and the g_saberRealisticCombat 1 or 700 (700 is hard and 3000, dont go there) cheat on.
One of the major good uses for this level is with the npc spawn code (sooo many lukes killing sooo many tavions, fun fun)


KepJekuraPosted: 05/17/02 19:56   Report Abuse

Hey I liked the level. It was lotsa fun getting ganged up on. Great for training.

BEWARE the can be very dangerous but also a very powerful ally.

The music is a really fun touch.

I will definately recommend the people back at ICJ try it out.

Keep grinding out the levels!

Catcha later,
~The Kepster~


BashPosted: 05/22/02 11:16   Report Abuse
I have played LADDER lots and lots of times, it never gets boring!

The only thing i don't like is fighting up to 4 enemies, especially when it comes to the shadowtroopers ...
so be quick or be dead.

Gave it a 9 (without music)


TF_KritikalPosted: 05/23/02 09:49   Report Abuse
This is one of those great little levels that just hits the spot. It's addictively fun. Maybe it's also because I finally turned g_saberrealisticcombat on.

I love the music in the end. I haven't heard that in a while. Nice surprise.


Katarn's clonePosted: 06/06/02 03:28   Report Abuse
What an awesome level! I give it a ten. The saBER BATTLES ARE SO COOL. i wish it didn't have shadowtroopers, but did have more reborn, rebel soldiers {ALLIES}, jedi{ALLIES}, stormtroopers, base commanders, turrets and portable assult sentries for both sides, a wider bridge, the bridge would fall when the supports break, more traps,and more morew more of everything there is and everything there isn't! The music rocks, but i wish it didn't have bad words. For everyone who says there is no plot, here it is-KILL EVERYONNE AND DON'T DIE!AND FOR EVERYONE WHO ASKS, WHAT DO YOU DO AFTER YOU KILL DESSAN? heres what- Celebrate! Then jump out of the window and do it again! I love this level. They should make a scene in episode 3 based on it.
err ch Katarn's clone over and out. chh


Katarn's clonePosted: 06/06/02 03:28   Report Abuse
What an awesome level! I give it a ten. The saBER BATTLES ARE SO COOL. i wish it didn't have shadowtroopers, but did have more reborn, rebel soldiers {ALLIES}, jedi{ALLIES}, stormtroopers, base commanders, turrets and portable assult sentries for both sides, a wider bridge, the bridge would fall when the supports break, more traps,and more morew more of everything there is and everything there isn't! The music rocks, but i wish it didn't have bad words. For everyone who says there is no plot, here it is-KILL EVERYONNE AND DON'T DIE!AND FOR EVERYONE WHO ASKS, WHAT DO YOU DO AFTER YOU KILL DESSAN? heres what- Celebrate! Then jump out of the window and do it again! I love this level. They should make a scene in episode 3 based on it.
err ch Katarn's clone over and out. chh


Seph31Posted: 06/06/02 06:58   Report Abuse
pretty nice for training and for the first sp level for JO. like the music


Hard DriverPosted: 06/06/02 07:58   Report Abuse
I am downloading now! It's about time I did myself this favour since I joined!


Master_YodaPosted: 06/07/02 11:07   Report Abuse
hmmm, hard 2 see the dark side is, a jedi, you are not, but help you this level will, impresed with your training i am.


NJoA_DuPlorPosted: 06/09/02 03:45   Report Abuse
Ok: First, JK2 doesn't work on the cpu i'm using, but the moment I get home to my hsi... MMM... This looks like a rocking level. KUTGW

Oh, and for everyone's enjoyment, here's the cheats.

when in-game, press tilde (~) + Shift. Type in "devmapall" or "HelpUsObi 1" without the quotes. Then, try these...

god: god mode
give all: all items, weapons, health, and armor
setforceall 3: all force powers at 3
sabercolor (color): self-explanitory - changes saber color. Valid colors: red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, green.

And many more!


IronLegionnairePosted: 06/17/02 20:01   Report Abuse
I know that the song throughout most of the level is "Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy, but what's the song that plays when you're fighting Desann?


SoulhunterPosted: 06/20/02 00:16   Report Abuse
This level should be mandatory for all newbies, as it improves sabering skills quickly and really helps the transition from the comparitively primitive dueling in JK1.

A note to the author, your level appeared in the May 2002 issue of Wired magazine. They had a short blurb on how good JK2 is, and the screenshot was unmistakingly of a duel in this level. No props from the editors unfortunately.


FirHwk*3029*Posted: 06/21/02 04:11   Report Abuse
Some of you need to realize something! This level was made way before there were EVEN TOOLS TO MAKE LEVELS! Thats why this guy worked hard to make this level! Acknowledge that and give him some credit for a job well done (I must say)


DakkonPosted: 06/23/02 19:42   Report Abuse
setforceall 5 = you have two fast styles: Tavion's and yours, and two strong styles: desann's and yours.
Also you can "possess" people with mind trick, I mean, you can control what they do. It rules!


DeathseedPosted: 06/28/02 22:03   Report Abuse
Nothing can top the ladder! This level was a beauty, and is still a beauty, however simple it was, it had no glitches, cool music, a window to oblivion, lots of breakable stuff, and most importantly, lots of killing to do. One of the cool things is that you can customize it so it plays any music you want! (although the original music was good) Just d/l laddernomusic, and place it in your gamedata base folder. Then put a folder the same folder and name it music. Then, take any mp3 music file, and copy it into the folder. There are 4 different sets of music. The first is named smack, and is the main song of battle. The second is named kombat, and is Desann's entry song. Then when you fight him it plays a song named conan. The victory music at the end is named Star_Wars_Disco. Rename the desired mp3's to those exact names, and place them in the music folder. The laddernomusic will now play the music you selected.


ChabookaPosted: 07/04/02 01:19   Report Abuse
Thanks for the tips Deathseed I put fat lip by sum 41 in the level it really goes with the level.

I love this level it is so fun I first got it the day I got Jedi outcast I keep playing it over and over! I dont rate levels unless they are fantasic and this is the best level ever I like it with the saberrealisiccombat cheat as well

I give I a Big proud 10!!!!!!!


ArchAngel_ZEROPosted: 07/05/02 20:31   Report Abuse
I love this level!! The music rocks (especially the end!!!) A load of fun every time!


ArchimedesPosted: 07/09/02 02:35   Report Abuse
I'd just like to say that I spent all evening playing this level, and I finally beat it.


Master_YodaPosted: 07/13/02 10:43   Report Abuse
Proud of you my old apprentice, i am. A grand teacher of the force, i forsee you will become. Impressed by this level, even i am. Good use of sector thrust, this level has (even though it could be alterd to meke it more difficult me thinks). The idea of waves of reborn and shadow troopers, intreeging i find. Much more skillful in there mastery of the force (than single player), these bots are. The use of destructable poles to destroy and flip off, entertaining and difficult to master the latter. Apoint on you the rank of jedi knight, the councle does.
As he waits for u to attack, a little easy to beat desann it is (the use of bryar pistol whilst standing next to the sector thrust, I recomend).
Beat the level on master with out the use of any force power aside from jump and without the use of quicksave, a jedi master u will be.


Jedi PadawanPosted: 07/14/02 10:44   Report Abuse
This is a great single player level! It is great fun and the music makes it excellent, I never got bored with it and fighting alongside Luke Skywalker was probably what made me give it 10. I hope that there will be another level like this soon. Download it now!


shud1986Posted: 07/24/02 20:19   Report Abuse
great level m8 but i was wondering if anyone could help me, on the console in a multiplayer player level you can type music and play a music file but i cant get it to work any help?


Katarn's clonePosted: 11/12/02 00:19   Report Abuse
Can somebody tell me how to submit levels?


Jin_jediRoguePosted: 12/10/02 01:58   Report Abuse
This level is kool!!! Even though it's simple with no mission objectives, it's kool. The music rocks especially the one at the end when you fight Desann. This level is great for training. This is the best ladder level. I rate this level, 9/10.

Are you going to make a sequel? The Ladder 2?

{Use the force wisely, not agressively}


Ace_speedPosted: 02/23/03 00:36   Report Abuse
Um... to all the ppl who said a lot of bots in one room isn't good, its WAVES of bots, not 54 bots at once


Ace_speedPosted: 02/23/03 00:39   Report Abuse
belaqua, not any idiot can put 54 bots and have them in waves, it was the first lvl for JO and its good, the name fits perfectlly, and well... I think saying any idiot can do what this author did has never tried it


ValrynPosted: 06/05/03 22:06   Report Abuse
This level is awesome... I love it.

I'm curious though, has anyone beat it without quicksave? I can only manage to get to the four shadowtroopers... Do I just need to work on my skills?


ClingingMarsPosted: 01/17/04 22:04   Report Abuse


ChiraenPosted: 01/24/04 14:34   Report Abuse
I love ladder, verry funny jk2 level. cool music, What is the name on the first music?


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