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You will have to fight your way through endless waves of reborn (54 of them), each wave progressively tougher than the last. But, you start the map with full saber and force powers (except saber throw 3 because level 3 saberthrow is better for fighting stormtroopers than jedi). You will even fight Tavion and, at the very end, Desann!


Level Info:

Download: The Ladder (No Music)
File Size: 500k
Date: 04/06/02
Author: JediNight
Downloads: 12568


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 25
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compududePosted: 04/07/02 17:14   Report Abuse
holy sithspit! i love this level. sucked a reborn right out into space :-D


ShadowXPosted: 04/08/02 17:09   Report Abuse
This is a wonderful level due to its non-stop action and intense saber duels. I enjoy it even more than MP games, actually. I certainly like it more than the standard SP levels; I can't get past the horribly-designed Nar Shaddaa Star Pad... it's incredibly frustrating to have a saber with no saber-wielding opponents, running around endlessly trying to find the lame hidden spot in the level that would allow me to progress in the game. I mean, all the damned doors are locked and I can't seem to get to that windowed building....

Anyhow, I give this level a 10. Thanks for the lightsaber-related console commands in the txt file as well! I readily enjoy playing The Ladder with g_SaberRealisticCombat 2 :]


dashrendarPosted: 04/17/02 17:13   Report Abuse
COOOOL!! Lightsaber-action nonstop!!!


Wheeler-NRNPosted: 04/30/02 21:27   Report Abuse
Great level! I give it a 10! I especially like that they get stronger each wave, it keeps the fun going. :)


MasterJediLukePosted: 05/02/02 20:30   Report Abuse
It was fun and cool.
Btw *S* Wheeler


punxPosted: 05/25/02 15:31   Report Abuse
Great level!!! hope to see more like this as its one that you can play over and over without it becoming predictable.


The Digimon EmperorPosted: 05/26/02 01:18   Report Abuse
Okay, I'm going JK2 style! I got the game just a few weeks ago, and this is the first level I've downloaded. Here we go...

-Unpredictable level, even if you play it over!
-A "enemy wave" type level.

-well, not really creative, a modified 'Pit' level.

-okay, heres the problem (I don't know if its everyone, or its just me). After putting the map into the gamedata/base/maps directory, the level worked just fine, but the JK2Radiant program would not launch afterwards. I had to delete every file that had to do with the level to get the editor to work again. Sorry, but I did get to play it for awhile.

- A good level. I enjoyed it. I was sorry to have to get rid of everything, but it had to do with something about an invalid page vault in the JK2Radiant.exe file.

The Digimon Emperor signing off once again...


NRN JuicerPosted: 06/16/02 19:32   Report Abuse
Very nice! I got to Desann once (out of like the 10 times i tried LOL) and he whooped my @$$ =P


MacDonaldPosted: 06/18/02 21:08   Report Abuse
This elegantly simple, action-packed little mod makes up for all the dullness, all the puzzle-happy, "jump-or-die" idiocy of Jedi Outcast's single-player missions all by itself.

"The Ladder" is Force powers and lightsaber combat in the extreme, and it will have you battling hordes of sneering Reborn who want to see you so very, very dead.

The level's one-room environment may seem rather nondescript at first, but you will learn, young Padawan, to use every aspect of that large chamber to keep yourself alive while battling wave after wave of dark side enemies!

If you don't like online multiplay, with its built-in "jerk factor", yet you crave intense Jedi action, then this is the mod for you. The mod's difficulty is set to the highest level, but author JediNight explains in the readme.txt how it can be toned down quickly and easily for those (like myself) who aren't as adept with their sabers as they'd like to be.

There are only two "flaws" to "The Ladder" --it's ending will spoil the ending of Jedi Outcast, if you haven't played through the main game already -- and, if you play the musical version of this mod, you'll find that the soundtrack is purposely and unabashedly goofy in places.

If you can, do what I did: swap out the author's soundtrack for "Duel of the Fates" from Episode I. For this mod, no soundtrack could be more appropriate.

Don't pass up this mod!


DeathseedPosted: 06/28/02 22:02   Report Abuse
Nothing can top the ladder! This level was a beauty, and is still a beauty, however simple it was, it had no glitches, cool music, a window to oblivion, lots of breakable stuff, and most importantly, lots of killing to do. One of the cool things is that you can customize it so it plays any music you want! (although the original music was good) Just d/l laddernomusic, and place it in your gamedata base folder. Then put a folder the same folder and name it music. Then, take any mp3 music file, and copy it into the folder. There are 4 different sets of music. The first is named smack, and is the main song of battle. The second is named kombat, and is Desann's entry song. Then when you fight him it plays a song named conan. The victory music at the end is named Star_Wars_Disco. Rename the desired mp3's to those exact names, and place them in the music folder. The laddernomusic will now play the music you selected.


dark_masterPosted: 09/22/02 04:20   Report Abuse
SWEET LEVEL i give it a 10


Katarn's clonePosted: 11/12/02 00:20   Report Abuse
Grat level, i like the one with music more. how do you submit levels?


KasePosted: 01/27/03 15:09   Report Abuse
Everyone who has Jedi outcast should have this level ;) 9 out of 10.


ChuckPosted: 02/04/03 04:11   Report Abuse
This is a fun level, I like the spawning, rather than moving to another area to fight more. I also liked just making and fighting dozens upon dozens of reborn in SP mission (using npc spawn, of course), so this was a fun deal here. Keep it up!


feeankPosted: 04/06/03 06:37   Report Abuse
very nice, i had a blast (and saved like a psycho when things started to heat up) with this ladder thing. I d/l the nonmusic version so i can't have a say about the soundtrack but overall i give it a nine, i don't know how to make levels yet but maybe one day i'll try my hand in it too. in the meantime i'll kill my saber combat needs with this thing...COME ON YOU STINKING REBORNS!!!!

P.S: how do u kill this desann guy without using the real tactic from the sp game???


MatJoPosted: 05/01/05 21:20   Report Abuse
Nice. :)


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