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This is a simple James Bond skin. It was made from the Galak skin. It's pretty rough right now but I would like to go back and work on it some more once the tools come out. It also has a custom icon and taunt.

NOTE: This is only the default skin. There is no red or blue skin.  


Level Info:

Download: James Bond Skin
File Size: 384k
Date: 04/08/02
Author: Jonathan O'Dell
Downloads: 4671


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 9
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

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WiPeOuTPosted: 04/08/02 07:31   Report Abuse
This is pretty good for a new mod! I like it! It looks nothing like the Galak Fyyar skin! What tool did you use? 8/10


AglarPosted: 04/08/02 11:24   Report Abuse
If you know that it isn't what you would like it to be, and that it's "pretty rough", and that you could make it better if you spent more time on it, then why in God's name didn't you wait to release it?


JL_Qui_Gon_JinnPosted: 04/08/02 21:49   Report Abuse
i give it an 8. anyways i saw the screens. what did u use to take screenshots of the skin? loox a lil fuzzy. to use the screenshot key like in JO go to the the (Shift ~) menu and type... bind key screenshot ... . for "key" put in any key u want to use for screenshot. ex..... bind F12 screenshot . but f12 is taken by force seeing in MP so if u want F12 take force seeing off of that key.


DarKreTwelPosted: 04/08/02 22:55   Report Abuse
Well, I always like seeing new skins for JO. You did a pretty nice good. But theres always something about James Bond running with a saber that bothers me...No offence, you still did good. I give it a 7.


pcguru012Posted: 04/09/02 02:25   Report Abuse
i hope the MOD is better than the screen shots, it looks like a 3 year old in mspaint.
you may wanna release a v.1.1 with better pics, smoothed out MOD and a cool James Bond weapon or 2 to go along with it.


SkimpyPosted: 04/09/02 03:52   Report Abuse
Blame pics on me. Bad resize.


dashrendarPosted: 04/28/02 10:37   Report Abuse
pretty good skin 10/10!!


SithLord7Posted: 05/14/02 15:19   Report Abuse
I might dl it if it weren't for the squished, pixilated screens.


strife_7Posted: 07/03/02 01:15   Report Abuse
I like the taunt!


co0lbreezePosted: 08/09/03 08:01   Report Abuse
Ok wtf man do have like a 3mb video card or what cause it looks like you dont have any 3d hardware im sorry to be a dick but i mean come on man thats just lame looking!!!!


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