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Turns each saber into a flame saber. This is the second version of Flame Saber.


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Download: Flame Saber 2
File Size: 50k
Date: 04/13/02
Author: Chikyu-Jin
Downloads: 13904


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 16
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SRA_CronoPosted: 04/13/02 06:14   Report Abuse
First to download w00t :P anyways looks awesome


_Nergen_Posted: 04/13/02 06:22   Report Abuse
Excellent work, man. Now to figure out how you did this...


SRA_CronoPosted: 04/13/02 06:32   Report Abuse
You add it in your Jedi Oucast/Game Data/Base an now your in your base folder you simply add it there *Unzipped* Btw iv played with it now an it kicks.. only thing is dunno how to get first person mode with saber O.o P dont work


SM_Sith_LordPosted: 04/13/02 06:47   Report Abuse
I just have to say that Chikyu-Jin, my new best friend, has made the best mod ever created. It require massive amounts of skill and tallent to be one of the first people to make the first "real" mod for JO that is this good. The flame effect looks awesome on my beach level.


ZDawgPosted: 04/13/02 07:57   Report Abuse
OMG......I....Love....you *Jaw Drops*


WandererPosted: 04/13/02 09:47   Report Abuse
Good Work on the saber! I like it!


SuperLinkPosted: 04/13/02 15:35   Report Abuse
And I thought the first version was cool. All it needs now is more saber colors (black, white, etc.)


JipePosted: 04/13/02 17:52   Report Abuse
"It require massive amounts of skill and tallent to be one of the first people to make the first "real" mod for JO that is this good"

While I agree that the mod looks awesome, I disagree that it takes "massive amounts of skill and talent" to make a mod by editing some images. Although I personally am horrible at 2d image editing, compared to a fullblown mod with new models/levels/weapons/etc. this seems a bit 'simple'. Of course, that's how it was intended, and it looks damned cool. Chikyu-Jin did a great job, and I hope we'll see bigger/even better stuff in the future.


jarjaryodaPosted: 04/13/02 18:51   Report Abuse
This is Not the 1st 'real' mod for JO....there is another that greatly improves saber dismemberment. For this mod it is great.


MaverickmanPosted: 04/13/02 21:55   Report Abuse

You have to catch the saber in just the right motion to get a ScreenShot like number 2. Dont get me wrong it's a great mod, just I was hoping for a little more flames, and was expecting a saber like in ScreenShot 2. It was a little dissapointing though. I guessed that the saber, once you held it in idel position, was going to look better then it did.

But its a great mod, and I highly recommend downloading it. Nice job I give it an 7.



SM_Sith_LordPosted: 04/13/02 22:56   Report Abuse
To boost the chances of dismemberment you just have to change a couple vars, this mod acutally took some work.


jarjaryodaPosted: 04/13/02 23:30   Report Abuse
The mod I mentioned before doesn't just increase the chances of it happenning but also adds different ways of dissmembering


DaedalusPosted: 04/14/02 01:11   Report Abuse
I have the first one, and I like the flame part, but the saber itself sucks. The lighting on it is skrooed. Like in scrnshot 2. Try and fix that and it'll be perfect.


Hard DriverPosted: 04/14/02 02:52   Report Abuse
Great looking mod, though it would be cool if it looked like it was on fire all the time. Sure there are going to be lots of leet saber mods out there, but someone should try to make one where you can choose your saber handle. dueling with Luke's saber would be awesome! I bet ShadowX could make some cool saber handles because he showed that talent in SBX.


VEA_CosmicPosted: 04/17/02 01:32   Report Abuse
Well, I downloaded this mod, and I really don't know what to expect. First off, I have several questions:

1) When you are [i]not[/i]swinging the saber, is the saber supposed to be flaming anyways? Because I get just little spikes on my saber.

2) When you do swing, are the flames supposed to be gigantic? Because I only get little scenes of frames here and there. They're not as spectacular as the screenshots.


SilverRaven_2Posted: 04/17/02 13:48   Report Abuse
Very nice work indeed

Evil is what i am...Death is what i bring


Luke SkywalkerPosted: 04/26/02 04:31   Report Abuse
Hey I have a question.
In my game the faces of people are messed up. for instace, in the videos Jan looks pretty hot (at least to me) but in the game her face is kinda caving in on her and she looks like crap. It happens to officers to. I was wondering if i could fix that somehow? I have the geometric detail on low, and thought that might be the problem. (If you are wondering why I haven't put the geometric detail up a notch its because my comp kicks me out and starts getting REALLY messed up) Well if anyone knows plz tell me.


ego modoPosted: 05/01/02 10:36   Report Abuse
is this 1 for SP or MP!?, you know what would be great if (if it's possible I don't know)someone could make Darth Maul's double bladed lightsaber for sp.


GoC_GOTHPosted: 05/10/02 12:09   Report Abuse
Just wan to say looks really good, and i might be wanting to use it in a TC im working on, id like ur permission first tho


SithLord7Posted: 05/13/02 19:18   Report Abuse
Looks very cool. Have yet to dl. Love the flames. Keep it up. 9


Krimson HellkitePosted: 06/22/02 03:19   Report Abuse
This is pretty good, but I don't really think I would want this as the default saber. It's seriously cool, but after awhile you just get pretty board. 8/10


masterpc_gamerPosted: 10/07/03 21:30   Report Abuse
Im wondering if any1 could help me with a little problem i am having with this mod:

1. Is this for sp, mp or both?

2. I put the pk3 file in my GameData\base folder and i run the game. I noticed that there were no flames in sp so i tried mp. still no flames, just the regular old saber. I tried every swing possible. Can any1 tell me what i missed or what i am not doing?

Thank you in advance,


Mr. FantasticPosted: 03/11/05 23:11   Report Abuse
i give it an 8, just because almost all the mods are modifications to the LOOKS of the lightsaber. Remember back when like in jk 1 it would actually change gameplay? Thats what i'm looking for... like saber battle X for jk 1... other than that it looks sweet!


RonthisPosted: 05/14/08 02:33   Report Abuse
Nice job dude!But one question,how did u do the screenshot 1 i meen the 1st person shot?i raited it a 7


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