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A vast improvement upon the lightsaber special effects in MP. Added lens flares, new flashes, a new damage effect, and increased the likeliness of saber blocks in MP by about 37%.


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Download: Menace of the Sith v.0.0
File Size: 25k
Date: 04/15/02
Author: Dynasty (JediSlayer1)
Downloads: 4958


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 6
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dynastyPosted: 04/15/02 01:33   Report Abuse
The first JO gameplay mod ever created!!! =D
*feels rather special now*

Well, the full Obi-Wan TC port from JK is still a long way off, but I've already gotten a start on my JO special effect and MOD creation.

Look for more updates in the future, and please feel free to suggest any changes in the effects.



SRA_CronoPosted: 04/15/02 01:52   Report Abuse
Heh your way from number lmao theres been quite a few mods


dynastyPosted: 04/15/02 01:59   Report Abuse
This is the first MOD that actually alters JO's GAMEPLAY as opposed to just it's textures.

This was done by:

- lengthening duels slightly by increasing the % chance of a block

- slightly improving the quick attack style

- giving the player a slight recoil when hit to avoid more than two consecutive strikes.



FirestormTFPosted: 04/15/02 02:00   Report Abuse
WEll its a step up from normal MP sabers. Still not up to par with the SP saber system however.

The effects were nice except i didn't really like that light beam that came out of the wall when your saber hit it. Its a good idea but the effect needs improvement.

One thing i hope to see in the next version is the ability to pull items and push items using the force powers (it helped in JK when i need to grab an item fast as well as push an item out of my rival's way when he tried to get it).


HalPosted: 04/15/02 03:45   Report Abuse
0.0 is right...


PerfectJamiePosted: 04/15/02 12:08   Report Abuse
whoa! man you got to teach me how to do that! i want the game to be like single player and it looks close!


EmonPosted: 04/16/02 05:45   Report Abuse
Pretty good!

I'd still prefer a mod that makes the saber more like the movies. There should be no smoke when the sabers collide, or sparks flying, etc.


Hard DriverPosted: 04/20/02 02:13   Report Abuse
True that, Emon!!! This is what I've been trying to say to other modders but they kinda ignore me :(. I'm getting JORadiant once it releases, so I think I'll do this myself. If you want to help correct these niggles from default JO, contact me at
This effects pack looks to be the psychadelic kind. That's cool, though. I actually squint every time I cut through a wall!


Dark-RosePosted: 05/30/02 23:22   Report Abuse
Its a great mod, and I like the effects. only problem is with all the new effect's and graphics it causes major lag in multiplayer....


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