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"Dark Reborn"

This is my first skinning attempt. After reading the instructions on file submissions I thought I'd give this a try.
See readme for more info.


Level Info:

Download: Dark Reborn
File Size: 191k
Date: 04/15/02
Author: Orbital
Downloads: 4442


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 18
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jediemceeIHPosted: 04/15/02 20:57   Report Abuse
pretty good, a nice reborn add on i like it :) only if i had a faster modem...


The_1_ERADICATORPosted: 04/15/02 23:16   Report Abuse
i gave a 2/10 /// that skin just SUCKS.... its a real copy of the_1_aranius


Darth NemesisPosted: 04/16/02 02:34   Report Abuse
I find the above comment a bit harsh as it was the creators first attempt...I grow tired of seeing harsh criticism when we are suppose to support those that supply us with modifications. I liked the skin quite a bit since I disliked the original colors of the MP Reborn. Red and Yellow just dont do it for me. I like the whole..dark look. Oh well. Just remember that all the great JK mod makers started somewhere with ideas that may not have been the greatest however they worked hard to gain the good reputations that they deserve.


dreetje31Posted: 04/16/02 07:56   Report Abuse
I agree with Nemesis, no need to put down people who try, and indeed for a first attempt it is pretty decent. I can't make a skin even if my life depended on it!!
Nice go, like the Dark Side look, just cool. No more No less, keep it up


DimRealityPosted: 04/16/02 21:40   Report Abuse
Nice skin. i like how people are trying to edit the Reborn skin, it really does need improvent from the original JKII version. i just wish some1 would make it to where the "robe" is actually a real robe that goes down to the feet covering the whole body. Dont know how possible that is but it should be a nice challenge for you skin modifier people.


dashrendarPosted: 04/17/02 17:10   Report Abuse
Graet for the first time making a skin.. I like it very much.. Cooler than the other Reborns.. (They look like they're coming from the Telletubbies Show!).. :-)


RavenBlade_53Posted: 04/17/02 23:45   Report Abuse
I really like this skin, I always use it in MP because it takes a nice model with bad coloration and changes it into something more suitable. The original Reborn Skin looked a bit cheery for my tastes.


BagePosted: 04/18/02 02:49   Report Abuse
This is my favorite skin, and I use it in MP Becuase it puts a shadow look on the Reborn, Unfortunatly everyone else doesn't see that but I dont really care because I can. GREAT first Mod, Im giving it a 10, awesome and simple.


IGF_snugglypoohPosted: 04/21/02 19:37   Report Abuse


MasterJediLukePosted: 04/27/02 11:10   Report Abuse
Anyone who thinks this is crap dosn't know what a good skin looks like. It's great!


DS_C_bonz_doggPosted: 04/27/02 21:17   Report Abuse
sweet looking, but im not gonna dl it because i dont know where to put it! i got the sith jan mod, and no matter where i put it it doesnt work! if some1 will tell me where to put those i would dl some mods. this was a great job for a first time! maybe you could make the reborn with the green hood and grey suit, he was cool! anyway, great job!


OrbitalPosted: 05/03/02 02:44   Report Abuse
Well I am FINALLY able to post on here.
(Long story)
Ok first off, thanx to all who actually LIKED my skin. I didn't think many people would, and it was really just a favor for a friend of mine who, like many of you, hates (and I cannot stress that enuff) the way the reborn looked for MP. For anyone having trouble with skins, just remember that pretty much all the .pk3 files will go in your gamedata/base folder (almost always).
Well thanx again to everyone who D/Led & enjoyed my skin. Soon as I have time I will attempt something a bit more 'original'.



DirePosted: 06/06/02 13:17   Report Abuse
I like this skin, the dark-gray look really works for the reborn, i wonder, could you make a skin-pack for the reborn only put it in all the major colors (like green, red, yellow, etc).

Would really be cool.


macnishtopPosted: 06/14/02 16:53   Report Abuse
Sweet. It makes him look alot more evil, and alot more like a sith. Since I don't know shit about making skins, and i like evil people, i give it an 8.



OrbitalPosted: 06/14/02 22:34   Report Abuse
There is one already, a skin pack I mean, with all the games Reborn & mine as well.
The file is called "The Reborn" and I believe it is at jediknightii.net.
I hope I don't get in trouble for putting that lil tidbit in here.



WIBR_DarkahnPosted: 12/17/02 19:59   Report Abuse
"eye em teh graer eradicatir" Anyway, I love this skin. It overall, makes the reborn look much more like a sith, instead of sticking to the "sith" colors of Jedi Knight, ( Orange yellow and red )it stuck to the true "evil" colors.


Lord DemosthenesPosted: 12/24/02 21:55   Report Abuse
I agree with Darkahn, this makes the Reborn look more like a Sith. Anyways nice skin!


Jedi Knight_JoshuaPosted: 01/28/03 09:27   Report Abuse
Sure it may look just like a reborn with black clothes but I like it *. Now will someone tell me how to make skins?!


Jigsaw_PerceptionPosted: 02/09/03 14:33   Report Abuse
Let me just say that some of your are too harsh. I skin every once in a while, but they are not good enough to send into massassi. Sure, the reborn skin is overused, but if the models are original, I can't see why you people critisize them. Next time think "Have I tried making a skin, level, or any other model?" It is decent.


bomberPosted: 04/28/05 11:53   Report Abuse
cool, it gives a more dark-side feel to the reborn, i'll download it tonight, does it replace the other reborn types aswell?


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