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This is a Saber MOD. It changes all textures on the sabers to make a cool effect of glowing. The colors are White, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow and Red(Blue is not included). I hope you enjoy.


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Download: Spirit Sabers 1.0
File Size: 130k
Date: 04/21/02
Author: RuSh
Downloads: 2436


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 4
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DrLonePosted: 04/21/02 16:47   Report Abuse
Yay 1st coment,well it looks,err,well its alright,i suppose....:-P


IGF_snugglypoohPosted: 04/21/02 16:59   Report Abuse
looks cool but not realistic.


RuShPosted: 04/21/02 17:08   Report Abuse
Lightsabers are? Sorry I just think that The whole Star wars Universe is made up so..


The Evil Midnight BomberPosted: 05/10/02 02:13   Report Abuse
Oh no. It's Real. It all happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.


SilverPosted: 05/14/02 00:55   Report Abuse
I am getting the file right now. Very creative looks awsome.

Orignally Posted by IGF_snugglypooh "Looks cool but not realistic." Man what are you talking about! It's a movie about starfighting, lasers, and a thing called the force! Those are just as "real" as this guys saber is.


MoridinPosted: 05/15/02 23:52   Report Abuse
I think that this mod is one of the most original styles I've seen thus far. I just finished d/l it and will try it in a bit.

I give it an 8.


Saber_FoxPosted: 06/07/02 17:40   Report Abuse
Guys, c'mon. Lightsabers, although a fictional device, are created to look as realistic as possible in nearly every sense that they are used throughout the world. This, however, merely looks like a glowy pole emanating some kind of radio waves or something...very cool looking, I might add, but not realistic looking. But for those who like this kind of saber...kudos to you.


vadermanPosted: 08/25/05 00:10   Report Abuse
looks very nice. Going to d/l and will rate later.


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