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I made a a skin for, its called Insanity.(includes bot) Based on the Count Dooku skin by Angel, Insanity is like his name says, He's INSANE!

He is a totaly out of his mind Sith lord. Where he got his Force powers and green eyes is anybodys guess.

This is my favorite skin out of all I have made so far, and I hope you guys like it!


Level Info:

Download: Insanity
File Size: 792k
Date: 04/21/02
Author: Dirk Blackmore
Downloads: 1178


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 9
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Logo By Rieekan []

User Comments:

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Jedi Master JayPosted: 04/21/02 22:02   Report Abuse
you stole my mods name


Kyth'emosPosted: 04/22/02 01:20   Report Abuse
well, he looks, ummmm insane. :) not a bad skin, but the arms look rather odd. I give it a 6


MaximumX0Posted: 04/23/02 20:13   Report Abuse
it's about time we got a retarded lookin skin!....i 10-ed can thank me later when you have a little bit of a higher rating


Hard DriverPosted: 04/27/02 00:38   Report Abuse
First screen kinda reminds me of those creepy undead Sith from Mysteries of the Sith...mostly because of the pose on screen 1 and the thin arms.


SithLord7Posted: 05/14/02 15:04   Report Abuse
Eh...huh...looks...uh...nice...*chuckles nervously*...uh...okay...


FirHwk*3029*Posted: 06/21/02 04:30   Report Abuse
Ummm.... right? In screen #1 eh..whats up with the dudes arms?


JediBobPosted: 09/21/02 05:27   Report Abuse
I dont make skins, but if i did, I could do better than that. So could my retarded brother


Jedi Knight_JoshuaPosted: 01/29/03 06:27   Report Abuse
Um..well..yes..pretty good 6. Please someone tell me how to make skins!


MattDettorrePosted: 07/14/03 15:53   Report Abuse
complete crap 0
dont steal mod names


Ed67Posted: 10/18/03 20:51   Report Abuse
wtf he didnt steal your mods name. It's not like you created the word "insanity" sheesh. I gave it a 10 because its a funny looking skin


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