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It works well if you start a new game, not a saved. With this mod, you can play in JO as Jan Ors with dark clothes and sith tatoos of Naga Sadow. Her lightsaber is a reborn type and the blue blade core is translucid. You start with all the force powers at level 3. Jan, Luke, some reborns and shadowtroopers, basic Imperial troopers, and officers are now friendly and follow you everywhere. However the New Republic troopers, prisoners, Lando, Tavion, Desann, amd some Imperial droids are your enemies. Technically, when you use the internall view, the saber is ugly because playing as Jan isn't expected by Lucasarts.


Level Info:

Download: Sith Jan
File Size: 1.1Megs
Date: 04/21/02
Author: Sergan Venceslas
Downloads: 3017


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 7
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PhillioPosted: 04/21/02 16:01   Report Abuse
This looks sweeeeet! I'm going to d/l it now!!!


jedi_magnoxPosted: 04/21/02 16:46   Report Abuse
The jan skin has undergone some adjustments and she looks quite cool as a sith, the lightsaber also looks quite nice, the only thing that could have been improved with the skin is that when you play the single player verison of the game as the author mentioned the stormtroopers, reborn etc are all friendly and as the game is primarily made up of these models it makes it a little hard to kill anything, however this can be easily remedied by killing one of the stormtroopers at which point they will all attack. Still nice alterations on the jan skin and the saber :)


_WileyPosted: 04/21/02 23:29   Report Abuse
At least you could have got rid of those stupid goggles.


Kyth'emosPosted: 04/22/02 01:24   Report Abuse
because they dont have the programs to make there own models yet. just lookin at the screen shots I am giving this a 9, that saber is just freakin awsome !!!:D


THRAWN_18Posted: 04/22/02 04:31   Report Abuse

you gotta also realize, when JK first came out, most of the skins were just simple Kyle's edited and released as a new skin. Given time, new skins will be released, but for now you're gonna have to put up with this stuff ok?


_Space_Ape36_Posted: 04/24/02 01:45   Report Abuse
Looks do u install?


callousnessPosted: 04/27/02 23:06   Report Abuse
Jan looks excellent man! i think it would be great if you could make it so that jan looks like this throught the game cos its defintley better than the normal 1. Lightsaber also looks pretty kool


LostHereticPosted: 05/26/02 04:09   Report Abuse
You should make the sith jan a multiplayer skin by itself, i like the skin but i dont like the saber, and i want to play the game with all the challange it was ment to have.


Move_ZigPosted: 08/01/02 01:30   Report Abuse
10. Great attention to detail. I love the little design under her eye. Great saber, too. Only thing is that it would be nice to have the sidekick changed to "Sith" Kyle.


rccar328Posted: 12/05/03 22:57   Report Abuse
I gotta say, the skin is AWESOME, the saber is sweet, but it gets so annoying having those darn stormies following you around, and after you kill one they don't know whether to attack you or not...also kills gameplay having mission critical friendlies attacking you...otherwise good.


EpiphoneusPosted: 01/15/10 18:07   Report Abuse
Does anyone have this mod saved where it's just the skin without the AI changes?

Edit: Nevermind. I made my own. :)


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