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The story begins as Kyle returns to Sulon and finds out that the Empire is just starting an invasion...

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1.8 MiB
Jean-Francois Vuagniaux


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Posted: 2000-06-21 6:43 p.m.   Report Abuse
I thought this was a pretty good level with a great opening cutscene. I thought it waa a good challenge. I was kind of dissapointed in the second level. There were many problems with the walls(they were purple & blue & white). I also couldn't understand why I was disabled. I guess thats just me though so.... Thats all I have to say about that level for today.
Posted: 2000-06-29 10:28 a.m.   Report Abuse
This was a visually good level. It had lots of custom .MATs and 3dos and managed to create a good Sulon feel. There was one "drag" and that was one very large open area that was completely pointless, apart from that, I was very impressed.
Posted: 2000-07-08 2:00 p.m.   Report Abuse
hrmmm... not the best of single player levels. but it definitely was worth the download. the massive "room" of at-ats ans storm troopers was a waste though. i ran thourhg it with manowar and still found plenty of problems with the actual "scenario" though. you cna get to the end without doing any of the mission requirements pretty easily...
Posted: 2000-10-24 6:13 p.m.   Report Abuse
tnis level is ok but the texturing is horrible and ther are some flaws
Posted: 2000-12-18 7:30 p.m.   Report Abuse
This is a very good, but rather strange level. The texturing looks a little bit tie-dyed (especially the flourescent grass), some of the architecture and story makes hardly any sense, the author has terrible spelling/grammar (although he is French, so I guess that's a good excuse), and the 2nd level seems like that stupid poke'man snap game. Other than that, this is an awesome level, the design was pretty good, the enemy and item placement was intelligent, and most of all ... it's a lot of FUN!!! I hope to see more work from this author in the near future.
Boun-Tee Hunter
Posted: 2000-12-21 2:27 p.m.   Report Abuse
If your going to make fun of it, it's pokémOn... with and O. If your going to make fun of a stupic, pointless, boring, ludicrisly populare game with bad graphics, no story, and no plot....get the name right. Sorry for my own spelling errors, I'm not a very good speller.

Boun-Tee Hunter
Posted: 2001-01-23 3:42 p.m.   Report Abuse
This level wasnt bad but come on people can we stop with Kyle Katarn,the guy isnt that cool. i think his story is over once he defeated Jerec.
Posted: 2001-01-23 3:42 p.m.   Report Abuse
This level wasnt bad but come on people can we stop with Kyle Katarn,the guy isnt that cool. I think his story is over once he defeated Jerec.
Posted: 2001-01-23 3:42 p.m.   Report Abuse
This level wasnt bad but come on people can we stop with Kyle Katarn,the guy isnt that cool. I think his story is over once he defeated Jerec.
Posted: 2001-01-25 4:32 p.m.   Report Abuse
This level is pretty neat...and how dare ANYONE not think Katarn is the coolest Jedi in history....HE ROCKS!!!!!
I liked this level cause it was unusual, the only problem was there was almost too much space. I ended up having to use ERIAMJH for most of the level, cause I didn't have the patience to walk all that distance!!!! But the fact that is was so huge gave it a rather eerie quality, which I DID like.
Posted: 2001-03-11 7:47 a.m.   Report Abuse
A fairly decent single player, although I felt there were too many places which didn't seem to lead anywere, like for example the mass open space where the ATSTs are. The waterfall rocked though!
Posted: 2001-03-24 9:34 a.m.   Report Abuse
how can u say Katarn is the coolest?!?!? He's a big fagget! He has the gayest cloth and always says they stupides things.
Posted: 2001-04-08 5:21 p.m.   Report Abuse
Good Job man, your "3" levels were good. The better is that you're very original. The second level was long and difficult to do. Thanks for the challenge.
Posted: 2001-05-14 1:27 p.m.   Report Abuse
I enjoyed this and gave it an 8. The level design was great and at last we have finally got a level that gives us a challenge. Its not often i find a level challenging but this one was. I recommend this for download if you want a challenge and the option for full out battle!!!!!
Posted: 2001-05-14 1:29 p.m.   Report Abuse
By the way.........get it NOW!
Posted: 2001-08-24 5:35 p.m.   Report Abuse
*sigh* nice challenge.. but- what's with the second level? I was so frustrated about being disabled that I blew myself off the hover train -lol- then I could do nothin but blow myself with explosives until I just quit. But other than that I thought this pack Rocked! very nice tex good cleaving for cliffs and a nice opening scene- on top- you also have a Extremely nice but not too hard challenge.. did I say that already? Oh well anywasy i rated it 8 so be happy.

The Digimon Emperor
Posted: 2001-09-08 8:04 p.m.   Report Abuse
Cool. I like the intro. I like the 2nd level, it really increased my targeting and accruracy. You deserve this:

Posted: 2002-12-15 10:49 a.m.   Report Abuse
I thought this level was neat it was a challenge. I really liked how you but the level togather and i thought I was never going to figure it out but finally it came to me then I was able to beat it! The only thing was you shoudln't have put that huge room the imperials in it. Because you didn't even need to go out there to beat anything unless you just needed ammo! The second one was cool you just gotta ride that thing through the hole level! So I give it a 8.
Posted: 2006-08-04 4:41 a.m.   Report Abuse
"and the 2nd level seems like that stupid poke'man snap game." Gotta catch em a-a-a-a-a-all - POKEMON!
Its an alright level, i can tell you worked hard on it keep it up
Posted: 2010-12-03 6:18 a.m.   Report Abuse
Finally finished this, good levels, but the second probably should have been the lead-in to the first as you fly down to the base.

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