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This mod makes the sabers VERY MUCH more movie realistic than JK2's default sabers. The blur is much more transparent, the glow is bigger/fainter, and the core is much more smooth and narrow.


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Download: SaberMod 1.0
File Size: 40k
Date: 04/21/02
Author: Tucker
Downloads: 3516


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 15
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DSettahrPosted: 04/21/02 16:22   Report Abuse
Sweet. Looks just like the sabers from ANH :)


jedi_magnoxPosted: 04/21/02 16:54   Report Abuse
I agree with DSettahr, the sabers are now very true to the films and do not have an over-exagerated saber trail on them, great for nostalgic saber duels, how about a obi-wan versus darth vader level to go with this mod anyone? :)


:.T.U.C.K.:Posted: 04/21/02 17:35   Report Abuse
Very funny Outlaw, Big Joe, and Larry Homez. I know who YOU are...

Thanks for the kind comments. The screenshots must have been too small for him, so he stretched them... They are really smaller and less pixelated.


IGF_hiPosted: 04/21/02 19:12   Report Abuse
very nice i give it a 10


ColigeonPosted: 04/21/02 19:29   Report Abuse
Nice job Tucker, appreciate the little lightsaber mod. It resembles the OT lightsabers very well(ANH and ESB mostly). This will go good with the A New Hope Obi Wan and Luke skin I downloaded. Keep up the good work and hope to see more files by you ^_^.


PerfectJamiePosted: 04/21/02 20:15   Report Abuse
just what i wanted, i was makeing one but i guess i dont nead to now :D


AvethianPosted: 04/21/02 20:40   Report Abuse
I agree, i think it is a great mod...but I just wanted to point out that the default sabers look just like the ones from the other 3 movies (besides ANH)- good work though.



ShadowXPosted: 04/21/02 21:31   Report Abuse
I'm surprised that you guys think this mod makes the sabers look more like the movies, since it does not even in the slightest. In fact, it makes the sabers look more like the comic book drawings. The default sabers in JK2 are MUCH more accurate to the movies, and the trail modification in Uber-Saber, another JK2 mod, makes them even more so.


EmonPosted: 04/21/02 21:34   Report Abuse
ShadowX is correct. Watch the original trilogy in THX/Special Edition, TPM, or the EP2 trailer. They look NOTHING like this mod, this mod makes the trails more like the comic book drawings as ShadowX stated.


Kyth'emosPosted: 04/22/02 01:28   Report Abuse
well despite the poor screenshots I was ready to try this mod, but I got to say that being as ShadowX made the BEST mod ever for JK I am gonna go check out that other mod that I never downloaded now, sorry


EmonPosted: 04/22/02 02:14   Report Abuse
This isn't a forum, if you want that, use the forums! Nice mod, though, it's well done, even though it makes the sabers less accurate.


ShadowXPosted: 04/22/02 05:30   Report Abuse
Disclaimer: I'm challenging only the statement that this mod makes the sabers look more like the movies. In other words, I find it a bit discouraging to download a mod when the author says it's much more movie-style only to find a little color blur and excessively thin saber cores. If someone decides to go along with my 'review', that doesn't make him/her a zombie or follower; it's more of a case of alignment of tastes. Still, I can't help but wonder... why does the author feel this mod makes the sabers look like the movies? Has the author ever paused any Star Wars movie (with a decent 4-head VCR or DVD player) to have a look at the motion blur? Even better, viewed SW movie sabers in slow motion? I find they're more of a V shape all around from hilt to tip. Once I utilized this shape for my saber fans in SBX v3.0+, I noticed that they "flowed" much more nicely and looked a lot more accurate compared to the movies. Nevertheless, perhaps this mod's description should state that it makes the sabers like the comic books? That could be a viable way to go, considering it isn't lying in any respect. In other words, this isn't a bad mod as much as it is inaccurate in its description.


dreetje31Posted: 04/22/02 07:36   Report Abuse
ShadowX I agree, with you (even if it makes me a zombie of some sort)This mod alters the lightsabers, some will like some will not. I was a bit disappointed when I first saw it, since it didn't remind me of the movie sabers at all. But I still use the mod caus it looks good, so it just a matter of the description being a bit off that's all
(When is there an SBX planned for JO???)(Drool)


:.T.U.C.K.:Posted: 04/22/02 21:00   Report Abuse
It's funny how many people liked this mod before the first downward comment. Oh well :)

Sorry you guys don't like it as much, I sure do and I love the way it looks. Just a note though, I never said it was "movie accurate", just "more realistic". I don't think sabers are as big and opaque as the ones JK2 came with. That's just me opinion...

I don't really see a point in ShadowX making a SBX for JK2, everything that SBX had is now in there... maybe Raven stole the ideas?


Hard DriverPosted: 04/22/02 21:43   Report Abuse
The point is that some sabers look different than others. Have you noticed that Luke's green saber looked more intense than some other ones? Obi-Wan's final blue saber is well represented here as in ANH. Good job, I like different styles of sabers like in the movies.
EDIT: I actually think if you want to make things more realistic with lightsabers you should eliminate the sparks/smoke with blocking projectiles and other sabers. I know all of you are sick of me saying this, but the Raven folks slagged off looking at the movies a little more for reference.


ShadowXPosted: 04/23/02 00:49   Report Abuse
"This mod makes the sabers VERY MUCH more movie realistic than JK2's default sabers."

Got ya there :] I'm glad you really like what you've made though; it's a nice feeling. Also, believe me... while it may not need as much work as JK overall, JK2 DOES need work in my opinion. The saber attacks, force powers, and guns are highly imbalanced in my opinion. Aside from that, I'd really like to bring alternate lightsaber fighting implementations into JK2 such as dual sabers, Sith lightsabers, long sabers, and many other tweaks and balances. All the usual stuff heh.


FirestormTFPosted: 04/23/02 10:04   Report Abuse
Hey Tucker i was wondering if i could use your saber lines in my mod. I tried reaching you by E-mail but it seems to not work.


:.T.U.C.K.:Posted: 04/23/02 14:01   Report Abuse
Well, after watching RotJ last night, I'm convinced that both mine and JK2's sabers are unrealistic.

Okay, well sort of :). The JK2 Green looks like the Luke Green, but the Red looks nothing like Vader's.

JK2's sabers may be Ep1 realistic, but I've seen the Ep2 sabers and they look like this mod, sort of, only fatter, and they streak a little more.

Yeah sure, u can use my sticks for your mod. Do you have AIM? My name is tuckiepoo3. I'd like a little more info.


Hard DriverPosted: 04/28/02 03:47   Report Abuse
I've found myself using this mod a lot more than when I first d'loaded :D. I started noticing the nice colours and "fan-outs". So if you read what I stated earlier, it is actually partly true to the movies ;).


GeistSoldatPosted: 05/04/02 12:06   Report Abuse
THIS ROCKS. I now play with this mod all the time, NO more flame or lightning saber for me, or shadow saber (sorry wanderer) or anyhting else! it may not stay true to the movies, but it is just plain awesome! It also looks like a real blade, and most lightsaber beams are differen, so yours can be thin! You have to do more stuff, I'm looking forward to work from you ;) Just use your imagination and it will get the job done.


:.T.U.C.K.:Posted: 05/09/02 17:39   Report Abuse

(And he thinks I'm the fool.)


ZkilibonPosted: 05/17/02 23:31   Report Abuse
Although I agree that the sabers in this mod don't really look all that close to the movies (make them a little thicker!), I can't stand it when people like you write stupid letters in all caps. What is the point in that? Do you really think this guy is going to think to himself "Oh no, he wrote in all caps with lots of exclamation points after it! He MUST be right!"

::cue darth sidious voice:: "Get this stunted slime out of my sight!"


Krimson HellkitePosted: 06/22/02 03:26   Report Abuse
Again, the thickness in a saber is everything, 10/10


Jedi2Posted: 12/10/02 19:19   Report Abuse
cool sabers.


XanatharPosted: 03/21/03 11:58   Report Abuse
This one gets an 8. I like the saber design, but I think the thick part of the trail should be closer to the tip of the blade, so it doesn't look like the tip-area doesn't have a trail on the Light style's smaller swings. All in all, cool sabermod.


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