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This level was created to test the new tools released by Raven for level editing, and was for use mainly by myself, and my friends for sabering only. It's a recreation of the training arena found in the SP map, yavin_temple, when searching for Luke. It's fully functional except for bot AI support, and it is selectable in-game using the multiplayer menu. It supports Duel, FFA, and Team FFA styles of play. All credit goes to Raven and Lucas Arts for the design, layout, and texturing.


Level Info:

Download: Duel Academy
File Size: 220k
Date: 04/26/02
Author: Mike (PurplWulf) Mullaney
Downloads: 3645


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 8
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DSettahrPosted: 04/26/02 23:57   Report Abuse
Sooner or later this had to be done... its a great level layout. Glad to see it was done by someone who knew what they were doing.


PerfectJamiePosted: 04/27/02 08:51   Report Abuse
nice! i always wanted to duel there, now that yuove made this level why not a jedi training single player level?


IGF JuicerPosted: 05/17/02 21:40   Report Abuse
It's pretty good..I have seen another sort of like it with better stuff in it. I give it a 7 tho :) Good job


SnaggyDuckPosted: 05/25/02 20:32   Report Abuse
Good...Academy level...i'd like some more know places...like Yodas Swamp and a Duels of the Fates for JO and the Desann Battle


NRN JuicerPosted: 06/17/02 03:39   Report Abuse
as u've probly guessed, this is IGF Juicer again....commenting again...i give it a 7 still and wanted to say something else.
first, like i said earlier, i ahve seen another better one, but u made this b4 that one came out, i think.
second, the other came out with the patch...so thats different and it was made by LucasArts... =P this i a strange and confusing post...oh well


Force FlamePosted: 07/30/03 18:07   Report Abuse
In the 1.04 Patch there was a level called Lightsaber training that looks almost EXACTLY like this. Maybe Lucas Arts saw this and put it in? What do you think? It Looks really good! I might download this and compare the 2. Good Luck!


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