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Replaces rolls with ariels, modified butterfly kick, and a butterfly twist. Replaces lunge with a new modified jumping, spinning saber attack. Added Force get-up animations. Shortened the amount of time spent on the ground for some knockdowns. For both SP and MP. Read the included readme for a much more detailed description of all the changes.


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Download: Irimi-Ai's Animation Mod Version 106
File Size: 13k
Date: 04/27/02
Author: Irimi-Ai
Downloads: 7619


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 8
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IGF_snugglypoohPosted: 04/27/02 15:22   Report Abuse
great work


EmonPosted: 04/27/02 16:23   Report Abuse
It's okay... but when you put your own name in your mod's title, it not only shows unoriginality, but you know you've become a true Quake modder (all the little Quake mods have people's names in them)


pur33vilPosted: 04/27/02 19:26   Report Abuse
Well it does exactly what it says it does, and ive encountered no bugs so far.

Top mod. And it will only take you 2-3 secs top download on a 56k modem, so its deffinatly worth at least checking out


_SL_ZetaflarePosted: 04/27/02 21:05   Report Abuse
Ho-yeah! the best movement-mod ever! The forward and backwards one are really tight. Check it out!


Darth MaulPosted: 04/28/02 00:55   Report Abuse
The best movement mod ever!!!!!!!! Dude, I have been waiting for butterfly spin's and butterfly kicks for 3 YEARS!!!!! This is so sweet! keep editing man, I gave it a 10. it 2.0, see if you can make the front twist so that you can do it anytime. like maybe strafe+forward+jump = front twist flip. that would be cool :) btw, I found 1 error, I noticed that not just reborn, but everyone does the force get up. I had storm troopers doing butterfly spins to get up.


Hard DriverPosted: 04/28/02 04:42   Report Abuse
"Impressive; most impressive." If ShadowX decides to make SBX for JK2, he should consider you for a partner. Btw Emon, he put his name in the title so everyone will remember who made this sweet mod :).


LankerPosted: 04/28/02 15:50   Report Abuse
I found one bug other than the stormtrooper stuff. If you have taunt bound to a key, if you hit that key, he will instead twist his torso like the girl in the excorcist did with her neck instead of spinning his saber above his hand.


LankerPosted: 04/28/02 17:47   Report Abuse
Irimi sent me this:

i'm aware of that problem. it's in the readme. actually, if you stay completely
still, you will do a left butterfly kick while stationary. that was the goal.
however, when you move/attack or anything the animation gets messed up. it will
be fixed or removed in the next version...hopefully.



ego modoPosted: 05/01/02 10:20   Report Abuse
looks nice, wonder how it plays


LankerPosted: 05/02/02 01:13   Report Abuse
It is I once again, this time I did not see this in the readme. Whenever you use force speed and do the death spin thing, he does not move forward. It is a little thing that doesnt have much effect, but I just thought you should know (if you didnt).


KedriPosted: 05/04/02 18:06   Report Abuse
An updated version of this mod has replaced version 105 with version 106. Re-download it and check the readme file for updates.


Funky Munky AssPosted: 05/05/02 08:32   Report Abuse
I love this mod! Dude, I liked how you got rid of the weird glitch when you spin backwards, you would make a lightsaber sound even with it deactivated. Sweet mod, and keep up the good work!


Clone 1Posted: 05/12/02 03:58   Report Abuse
first of all i thought the mod was excellent! the only reason i didnt give it a ten was because the long range forward spinning move just took too much ground. My suggestion is to scrap that move or offer another shorter range alternative say, forward/backward handsprings possibly?


compududePosted: 06/04/02 02:18   Report Abuse
Darth Maul, you're DEAD ON!!!!!!!!! btw nice mod.


TNC_SidiousPosted: 06/15/02 18:29   Report Abuse
totally amazing mod dude!


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