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A small duel map set in some temple ruins on Yavin.


Level Info:

Download: GE Arena X
File Size: 390k
Date: 04/28/02
Author: Xeph
Downloads: 2762


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 16
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OOOO_O7O))((DingoPosted: 04/28/02 15:50   Report Abuse
I love jungle maps so I'll give ya a 7.
You would of gotten higher if you made it a bit bigger.
Its a ok map tho.


Kyth'emosPosted: 04/28/02 16:08   Report Abuse
I played this map yesterday as it was up on already and its a good map. I gave it 8/10. oh and its DUEL map it is supposed to be small.


OOOO_O7O))((DingoPosted: 04/28/02 18:33   Report Abuse
Its a bit too small tho, and there's a few bugs, like you can get stuck in one of the tower rocks on the lower level.


Sith_Xanatos__Posted: 04/28/02 20:29   Report Abuse
Hey, this level looks PROFESSIONAL!!! Are you sure you didn't take it from LEC/Raven... ;) Sith_Xanatos__'s rating:


AglarPosted: 04/28/02 22:11   Report Abuse
Very nice work!


[L0rD]BloodAspPosted: 04/29/02 00:14   Report Abuse
FINALLY, a good duel map, i give it a 9


Gordon FarcusPosted: 04/29/02 05:04   Report Abuse
An ok duel level for now, but nothing that's going to stick in the mind for more than a few days. As a previous poster mentioned it does have some bugs an like many early levels it feels this case in almost all major areas - lighting, design & texturing. It would have been a lot better with some more time.


drizzt2k2Posted: 04/29/02 05:55   Report Abuse
ahhhhhhh something jk1 saw very rarely...trees


BagePosted: 04/30/02 02:51   Report Abuse
Good level, Nice for dueling, one problem Lol..Am I the only one that cant get into that little orange crawl space? Its annoying me cause i've been trying and I wanna know if its part of the level or just for decoration...


XephPosted: 04/30/02 18:21   Report Abuse
It's just decoration.


Derek SaganPosted: 04/30/02 19:44   Report Abuse
Well, Xeph,

First class job on the level. I love it, and is a favorite for my suitemates and I. I hope you keep mapping and keep up the first rate job!

Though the small crawlway took me a while to figure out that it was just for show.


Devaron ElarisPosted: 04/30/02 23:37   Report Abuse
Very well done, indeed, Xephar.

I found a few bugs; however, I thought they were too insignificant to matter. I like a good jungle level, and dueling is one of my favorite settings. You have combined perfectly two of my favorite things.

Once again, very well made, my friend.

Keep up the good work.

You get a 10 on this one from me.


Icey_Hot_StuntaPosted: 05/07/02 04:00   Report Abuse
Where can i d/load map editors?


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