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This is a small MP duel map, great with sabers only and full force. The level is a bit dark for players to run and hide. It also has colorful lighting, which gives the level a futuristic look.


Level Info:

Download: Dueling Jedi Arena
File Size: 3.7Megs
Date: 04/30/02
Author: Odyssey Wing
Downloads: 1922


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 3
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BagePosted: 04/30/02 02:32   Report Abuse
Well, Its a decent duel level. Its very small but the music is very cool and has a fast pace which is good for the level and the dark lighting goes good with the colors but I found it very hard to move around. Like into the small corridors, I dont know if thoughs are stairs but you have to jump to get into them, you cant just walk. Other than the moving problems its a good level..Not much more than 2-3 duelers should be here though or it would be =very crowded and people would probably be killing each other by accident


PengunPosted: 04/30/02 02:32   Report Abuse
Colourful lighting! It's FUTURISTIC!


SpookyPosted: 05/20/02 20:02   Report Abuse
The Level doesnt work.. i did it in the base folder , its not there , where u choose the level ):


SpookyPosted: 05/21/02 11:37   Report Abuse
I got it to work ! its a good Level ! yes a little small but really cool ! 9 POINTS !


Clone 1Posted: 05/25/02 21:33   Report Abuse
Is it just me or does this remind anyone of perfect dark?


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