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This is a medium Free For All and Duel level. It's great for both Guns and Sabers and Force. Many people have said that it has extremely good gameplay... I hope you like this. Please contact me if you notice any errors or faults. There are some good breakables in it, too. Hope you find em all :-). Take care and have fun!


Level Info:

Download: BlackKnight's Realm
File Size: 4.6Megs
Date: 05/02/02
Author: BHG_BlackKnight
Downloads: 2992


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 7
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Lord_GrismathPosted: 05/02/02 01:31   Report Abuse
Well, let's see...

The lighting looks pretty weird in the shot, but this is most likely a system issue.

The textures were quite repetitive, and, seeing as this seems to e some sort of facility, as there are building structures, why would these structures be enclosed within another roof? (inside a large, box-shaped room).

Item placement was... eh... ok, but you should space them out a bit more IMO.

Otherwise, a thoroughly refreshing and playable level. Gameplay seems to be fairly good.

All in all, good work.

Oh, and... w00t, first comment ;]


BHG_BlackKnightPosted: 05/02/02 02:02   Report Abuse
Thanks. but the Lighting is Placed by Lamps in the cieling. So its real time lighting. Tried my best for my first time with JK2R. I thought it looked really cool and Set a good tone :). Maybe ill do better on it on my Next Level. Cya :) and thanks for the Rating :)


BHC_Boba_FettPosted: 05/02/02 02:20   Report Abuse
I gave this level a 7 of 10. I know him personally but I didnt take that into account I stated many of the things the guy before me said.

1) lighting - it was some what odd but it created a mood.
2) Item placement - prolly the lowest scoring part of this level in my opinion. Far to many gun and ammo pick ups creat campers.
3) Texturing - One word "Repeative" rings out in my mind when I play this level. Though they arent bad just to much of the same.
4) Archi - I found it to be rather decent for being new to JK2Radiant and not knowing QTKRadiant.
5) Over all game play - Ah this is where this level shines. The game play is a bit unbalanced cause of the item placements but for sabers and a ton of people this level is a 9/10 on gameplay.

Like I said before a 7/10 level but a 10/10 editor keepem comming BK.


_Nergen_Posted: 05/02/02 14:10   Report Abuse
Hey this looks like a speedball course from...*shudder* Counter-Strike. However I did enjoyed those maps, so you get a 9... If you knew how to make skies, you should do that instead of your ceiling... there's a smaller poly count when the lighting compiler cleaves the surfaces.


dashrendarPosted: 05/03/02 18:19   Report Abuse
cool level.. respect.. but why 4.4 MB?? That's pretty much for ONE level..


BHG_BlackKnightPosted: 05/03/02 18:41   Report Abuse
Its Got Music in it :).. I think it goes good with Saber Fighting and Gunning! :)...


VroomfondelPosted: 05/05/02 04:58   Report Abuse
Where did you get the music? I have a MIDI file that sounds a lot like it, but the MP3 in your level is _sweet_.


PK_of_BHGPosted: 05/27/02 18:01   Report Abuse
Good Job BK. Its a good level. Too bad you didn't put in an ai path. The ai bots keep jumping. Other than that its a great level.



Jodo_Kast_BHGPosted: 11/16/02 17:10   Report Abuse
Great work BK. =]


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