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These catacombs are the old sewers of an ancient Sith Temple, which was located next to a vulcano. As most sewers it is dark and damp. And before I start getting emails about this: yes, those temples needed sewers because they had toilets. Where do you think the old Sith temples went to when they needed to go ;-P


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Download: Ancient Sith Catacombs
File Size: 995k
Date: 05/02/02
Author: Seryl Cann
Downloads: 4010


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 11
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The_1_ERADICATORPosted: 05/02/02 04:11   Report Abuse
i just love it ... its perfect to make a korriban single player level . may i have the authorization ?


_Nergen_Posted: 05/02/02 14:05   Report Abuse
I see the darkness, but not the dampness... I've found that greenish textures portray that a little more than not greenish. Gives you more of a mildewyish feel or whatever.


EmonPosted: 05/02/02 20:43   Report Abuse
1. Looks pretty good, but lacks visuals.

2. You can't make this into an SP map without getting the uncompiled .MAP file... so basically you can't take the level out of the PK3.


Seryl CannPosted: 05/04/02 12:41   Report Abuse
I'm surprised to get good reactions for this level. Like I said it's my first level. I've made 1 level for JK once, but that was a few years ago.

If you want the .map I'll send it to you. Just make sure you put me in the credits :)


DarkJeedaiPosted: 05/08/02 17:16   Report Abuse
Well done SC.
cant wait to see what else you offer


WurzelsponkPosted: 05/10/02 21:58   Report Abuse
cool idea. i thought about corriban too seeing this one. are you working further on this one ?!


BashPosted: 05/23/02 10:17   Report Abuse
A nice level but it needs more tunnels ...
and perhaps more lights ...


RGF_RoguetwoPosted: 06/24/02 20:35   Report Abuse
Looks good. Downloading. Like the explanation of the sewers. =)

(*wonders what Korriban is*) =)


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