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This is a compilation of four Reborn skins:

  • Acrobat Reborn
  • Boss Reborn
  • Fencer Reborn
  • Force User Reborn
The base files were included with JKII. The variations from the original version were interesting, so I put them together.


Level Info:

Download: Four Reborn
File Size: 2.1Megs
Date: 05/02/02
Author: Lady Daaleila
Downloads: 2546


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 16
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PommyPosted: 05/02/02 02:11   Report Abuse
...I'm not understanding this. This is for MP? Because if it isn't there really is no point...and...If you didn't actually DO something to them...then really, all you did was extract them and put them into another pk3 with MP config...

[no rating because I never rate things]


Lady DaaleilaPosted: 05/02/02 02:32   Report Abuse
Yes, they're skins for MP. I figured that was rather obvious. And, no... I haven't altered them. I happened upon their files while looking through the assets0.pk3, and I put them together for others to use. I hadn't seen it done yet, so I figured I'd save the people the time and do it for them. I enjoy skinning, and I compiled these four as a break from the tediousness of the regular work skinning presents. You make it sound like it was effortless... and, it basically was, to someone who knows what they're doing. But, I don't think you've got room to belittle anything. After all, I never claimed that I'd made them myself. No where in the description does it say that I did. I clearly stated that the skins came with the game, and I put them together. Besides, I didn't see YOU taking it upon yourself to release something you seem to think is so trivial.


MOTL_thesaiyanPosted: 05/02/02 03:09   Report Abuse
I have to say, that this add on is totally unnecessary. The skins are already selectable in multiplayer thru the console, just type "model reborn/boss" or replace boss with "forceuser", "fencer", or "acrobat". Why download something already avaliable in multiplayer?

--MOTL thesaiyan


PommyPosted: 05/02/02 04:22   Report Abuse
Whoa whoa whoa! I wasn't accusing you of anything! I just didn't understand it, that's all, since being the idiot I am, I actually thought this was for SP and was thinking "There already are reborn like this in SP". And as for me thinking to release something like this...well, I'm not a skinner, and something like this with maps would be like a duel pit mod or something, which I wouldn't do, because I'd get flamed or let's just keep things nice. You made a skin pack, it's released, everyone has his/her opinions about it. Let's just leave it there. And I seriously didn't rate it. I don't rate things because my ratings are worthless, I find that what I think (in example) is a 6 other people think is a 10 or a 1...


Lady DaaleilaPosted: 05/02/02 07:26   Report Abuse
Well, if I had known that, then I wouldn't have took the time to put these together... obviously. We aren't all masters with console codes. They can get terribly tedious. I find it easier this way, as a result of that. And, I'm sure the other 600 people who've downloaded my pack from another site would agree with me.

And, Pommy... sorry I snapped. It's been a long night. -_-


KaardoonPosted: 05/02/02 07:41   Report Abuse
Hmmm... I'd have to agree with Daaleila, considering I myself am not a master at the console codes. I would have never figured out how to use the Four Reborn without the help of a pack. I think she did a good thing by placing these skins in a pack for the less knowledgeable. And if you feel differently, well, that's your own opinion, and youre entitled to it. But there's no since shooting down someone else's work and accomplishment just to express your opinion. Daal, dont listen to these guys. You did a good thing. I feel this way, and over 600 people from feel the same way. So keep up the good work.


PoweR_Luck64XPosted: 05/02/02 08:44   Report Abuse
You have named the reborn incorrectly, blue is a fencer, green is a warrior, red is just called reborn. The only name you have gotten correct is the boss, but he is red and black, not orange.


_Nergen_Posted: 05/02/02 13:59   Report Abuse
I don't get it... Seeing as there were many reborn sknis that have already been released, you should have kept this one to yourself because of the fact that you did absolutely NO artistic work. Do we still have to name you as the author when all you did was take original files and place them in multi?


KosiganPosted: 05/02/02 17:23   Report Abuse
You people sure have some attitudes for someone who is obviously doing you all a favor. Calm down and think about what you say to people before you begin. Just because you know the console commands doesn't mean others do as well...IMHO it is a nice little gift.


Lady DaaleilaPosted: 05/02/02 18:49   Report Abuse
Thanks for the compliments, guys. But, I'm used to the bashing. I AM a chick, after all... most guys don't think female's have a place in the gaming comminuty. And, although I never stated that I did some fantastic thing by putting these files together... I did do it with the idea in mind that people would appreciate it a little... even if it's not some huge, glamourous creation. If they didn't like it, or didn't think it was worth downloading, you'd think they'd keep their mouths shut and just move on. But, no. Commmon sense isn't among their attributes. It just proves their astounding level of immaturity. Ah well. So much for expecting the company of understanding, intelligent gamers. Guess that's too much to ask around here.


_Space_Ape36_Posted: 05/03/02 04:06   Report Abuse
Hmmm...looks pretty good, I'll d/l now


Lady DaaleilaPosted: 05/03/02 20:37   Report Abuse


Lady DaaleilaPosted: 05/03/02 20:43   Report Abuse
Someone was actually a little appreciative? ~gasps~ On MASSASSI?! I'm shocked. Pleasantly surprised, even. Looks like things aren't all that bad. If I've pleased even one person here, then I'm happy.


Lady DaaleilaPosted: 05/03/02 20:56   Report Abuse
~looks at the typos in her one of her posts and cringes~ Yeesh...

And, PoweR_Luck64X:
If you take a look at the first screenshot, you'll see I'm refering to the BACKGROUND color of each Reborn, not the colors in the outfit. ~rolls her eyes~ And, as for the NAMES, I didn't name them myself. I used the names of the files that came with JKII. Still think it's wrong? Then tell someone who cares.


PoweR_Luck64XPosted: 05/04/02 04:50   Report Abuse
I think you have a bit of a 'tude problem, and yes i still think its wrong because I have a book with the correct names of each reborn class. And the reason i pointed it out is so that if you release a mod, you should at least name the characters correctly. I've never seen anyone get so personal about comments being posted about what is bad about them. I posted it for a reason so that in the future you would not make the same error and could make a better mod/skin creation next time.


TorenPosted: 05/05/02 06:18   Report Abuse
Hey Daal nice job with the skins, I never knew about the console commands and I don't feel like having to type in a special command to use a character so thanks for the skins. Cya


Sef_HalfmanPosted: 05/05/02 17:37   Report Abuse
Hell yeah. You rock. Thanks for doing us a ll a favor. And remember..... all guys are bastards. Even me. Muahahahaha.


Lady DaaleilaPosted: 05/05/02 18:21   Report Abuse
~smiles~ Thanks for the appreciation, guys.

~rolls her eyes~... Open up the assets0.pk3, and tell me the names of the files that you see for the Reborn I put together. Ooooooooo... perhaps you should write Lucas Arts and tell them they made a mistake. ~snickers~


DS_C_bonz_doggPosted: 05/12/02 04:06   Report Abuse
stop bashing on her, ok. she did do something, and i think its fine that she got mad because everyone declared her work "worthless". and besides, i like the green reborn, and i had no clue how to use it.


SithLord7Posted: 05/13/02 15:32   Report Abuse
What the HECK!! what is with all the reborn clones!!! Episode X attack of the Reborn Clones!!!


FirHwk*3029*Posted: 06/21/02 04:28   Report Abuse
Sorry, but I really don't see anything different...whats different?


FES_RagePosted: 08/08/02 08:38   Report Abuse
Note people the date this was submitted, one of the first skins.


The Last Jedi WookiePosted: 09/09/02 15:34   Report Abuse
And as for those asking "What's differant?" Perhaps reading the earlier comments might explain... the readme file also clearly states what this mod does... If reading past comments is too much trouble, then I'll repeat for everyone's convenience:

This pak file adds the orignal reborn models from the SP into MP play so they are selectable WITHOUT having to figure out console commands. There was no mofication to the skins themselves, Lady Daal claims no original artwork, she fully and clearly stated that all work was directly from the game, that her only effort was re-packaging the models in a more user friendly form for those players who are not model/skin makers.

~Last of the Jedi Wookie


MoDaNPosted: 10/19/02 07:29   Report Abuse
nice skins, i give u a 10, but probably only because i dont know anything about makins skins/mods


DJ NyghtStormPosted: 04/03/03 22:11   Report Abuse
I really appreciate the fact that you care about us people who are ignorant in the use of console commands. And for you out there who continue to taunt Lady Daal for her efforts to help us less knowledgable, you can stick a mother board up your arse and call me in the morning! And thanks again Lady Daal for your concideration.


NemesisPosted: 05/01/03 12:54   Report Abuse
I think this skin pack is very usefull for the guys like me... Cause i dont have to write all the time with this pack. continue the good work


MattDettorrePosted: 07/14/03 15:29   Report Abuse
i like it cause im to lazy to type in the console


ALcALPosted: 06/30/04 10:14   Report Abuse
you guys/girls are pathetic

p.s. the console system is easier than saying monmothma


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