The Kaazim Chamber

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The Kaazim Chamber is an ancient arena used to settle SEVERE differences between sith lords.


Level Info:

Download: The Kaazim Chamber
File Size: 936k
Date: 05/03/02
Author: Anthony "spydormonkey" Nixon
Downloads: 2393


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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Hard DriverPosted: 05/03/02 03:42   Report Abuse
Looks very moody, apparently like those SEVERELY different Sith Lords you're tallking about.


Kyth'emosPosted: 05/03/02 03:45   Report Abuse
this level looks awsome, so does that skin in the first screen, I dont suppose you would be interested in releasing that ?


spydormonkeyPosted: 05/03/02 04:17   Report Abuse
Hey, thanks for the comments. As for the skin it ain't mine (with it were tho..) If you want it, I found it at It's called ryudo (can't remember who made it, but I hope he doesn't mind me pimping his skin)


XakPosted: 05/03/02 21:48   Report Abuse
Looks really cool. No really. It does. Really cool. I like that some people still have the imagination to add their own little locations into the star wars universe. Keep it up guys!


Nomad§oulPosted: 05/04/02 00:01   Report Abuse
HOLY SH*T!! I am getting lvl and I want the skin!! Dude release that thing....Jedi Trainer would look awesome in a Samurai-ish type of style!!!!!!


greedo626Posted: 05/06/02 16:56   Report Abuse
Looks like an awesome duel map. I can't wait to play it. Also that Jedi Trainer skin is one of the coolist skins I've seen yet.


Icey_Hot_StuntaPosted: 05/07/02 03:56   Report Abuse
Where can i d/load map editors?


¤BigDawg¤Posted: 05/08/02 11:59   Report Abuse
ok this lvl looks awsome, finally some1 created a lvl for Sith duels with an accuall Sith mindset... Ok im gonna try it and then i'll rate it....


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