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A small map for saber dueling or FFA, to be part of a larger map. There's lots of glass, but none is breakable... have fun!


Level Info:

Download: Chron-X Inner Sanctum
File Size: 330k
Date: 05/04/02
Author: OmegaRed
Downloads: 1366


Score (0-10): 1
# of Ratings: 6
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XephPosted: 05/04/02 20:16   Report Abuse
Glass levels aren't cool.


_Nergen_Posted: 05/04/02 22:40   Report Abuse
You overused the glass effect... Ever heard of the saying "less is more"? It's true for this. This shows me you have no imagination at all.


The_1_ERADICATORPosted: 05/05/02 03:36   Report Abuse
it totally sucks. nothing but a failed level


Crimson SentinelPosted: 05/08/02 07:20   Report Abuse
Yes, I am in co-leader of the clan Chron-X with Omega, so I did not rate this file to be fair. However, I thought I would put a good word in. This level was meant to be how it was done. He could have easily of changed it. The whole style was supposed to be abstract. It is a 'sacred place', and it IS supposed to be simple. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is a beta version and in the long run it is only going to be a small part of a tower! I have tested it with others and have found that for saber fights it proves to be quite fun, especially on the catwalk above. Thanks for your time.


PommyPosted: 05/26/02 22:16   Report Abuse
Eradicator, don't just say "This level sucks". It clearly says every time you go to the "add a comment" page, "The comment section is designed to allow people to post thier thoughts on levels. If these thoughts happen to be criticism, make sure it's constructive. Comments like "this level sucks" are not wanted. Constructive criticism only." I'm not saying this to be a jerk, it's just people don't feel good when you just tell them flat out that their work sucks :)


-[Cowboy]-[Bebop]-Posted: 11/04/02 01:47   Report Abuse
This level wasnt that bad, its a nice level for nf saber dueling. Yeah it could use some work, but heck, like that dude said its just in beta right now. I hope to see you improve on this level and make a really cool map in the end. Cheers!


Dare365Posted: 03/04/03 23:50   Report Abuse
Gah i hate all these new faces in the JK/JO world. They bring up old topics that i have hear a billion times. Massassi is different from the last time i came. AKpiggot, Pedhead, dragonphinn, savagex, Chris Swan, flipmoejack, cave_demon, and anyone else i forgot that are my all time fav. authors of levels. You guys should go check out their work and learn a thing or two.


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