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This patch changes several different aspects of the game. The sideways "barrel roll" is changed to an aerial cartwheel and the backflip is changed to a back handspring. All of the saber moves are sped up so that attacks are faster and deadlier. This gives the fast and normal stances a fighting chance (makes for awesome whirlwind-type spinning attacks) while also improving heavy to make it more efficient. Two new skins are added: Dante from Devil May Cry and a Shadow skin. The sabers are also changed into firey sabers with silver and gold handles. The purple saber is changed into a katana (since no one wants purple =) ) The appearance of the Bryar Pistol and Flechette weapon is vastly improved. (Bryar is now silver and black with neon green shots, Flechette is kinda coppery). The patch also lets you use duel levels such as BGJ and The Pit in FFA games.


Level Info:

Download: Ultimate Engagement
File Size: 5.5Megs
Date: 05/04/02
Author: Sephiroth__VII, MegalomaniacVII
Downloads: 4128


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 14
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ReneePosted: 05/04/02 18:32   Report Abuse
I'm not downloading, but I'll comment anyway. Senj, why should skins be seprate? Sure, you could use the skins that way without using the rest of the mod... But then you couldn't use both.

Now personally I like my sabers normal and not weird (which these appear to be). I've seen way to many saber mods like this, and wasn't interested in them, and mods fro darwheels and the like, but at least the guy put several types of things in one mod...


yozarianPosted: 05/04/02 20:06   Report Abuse
I like purple saber... =( I didnt dl this but for me it doesnt sound so amaizing. I dont like moves to be faster and I like more those rolls than butterflyis..but good that someone makes many things in same file =)Im sure someone likes this.
I dont rate this
and sorry 'bout my english


Kyth'emosPosted: 05/04/02 22:29   Report Abuse
well lets see:

2. in the screen shot you can sstill see the purple glow
3. this mod's idea just sucked
4. the yellow and blue stance already kicked the red stance's ass so they don't need to be "given a fighting chance"

I gave this mod a 0 (and no I didn't downloaded it, I don't need to)


Punk_SkaterPosted: 05/05/02 01:23   Report Abuse
ok, no, I didn't d/l this but Im still gonna say something. WHY DID YOU CHANGE THE BACKFLIP??!!??!! you NEED the backflip for duels, a back-handspring won't cut it, you'll run right into them.


The_1_ERADICATORPosted: 05/05/02 03:32   Report Abuse
cool . there is a skin that looks liek Ric Flair // i gave a 8


SilverRaven_2Posted: 05/05/02 17:12   Report Abuse
This mod is cool..nice job...cool sabers i will give it an 8 with an extra plus just for that katana


MegalomaniacVIIPosted: 05/06/02 02:45   Report Abuse
People, PLEASE DO NOT rate a patch without even downloading it-- non judgemental comments are ok but you cannot judge a book by its cover. Anyway, in making our patch-- we tried to make sabering better and well it worked semi- well but its all we could get until someone figures out how to edit moves themselves. We tried to change around saber attacks in the animations.cfg file but we could not make it work. I'm sorry to those of you who like purple but well until someone figures out how to add instead of change sabers we are limited there. Thanks to all of you who dled it and gave constructive criticism. To those who insulted it without dling the patch-- this is not apreciated. If anyone has figured out how to change saber moves or anything else, say something cause we are thinking of making a new version or just an entirely new patch. --oh and sorry for sounding all corny and serious but oh well =)


Bounty Hunter 4 hirePosted: 05/06/02 15:55   Report Abuse
Nice work, but I'd really like to see the katana released separately so I can get that w/o all the other changes, if it's not too much trouble.


katanamaruPosted: 05/06/02 16:52   Report Abuse
Wow i liked this mod a lot. If you are like me than you thought the regular saber moved a little too slow than this is the patch for you.Maybe it moves a little too fast now but its not that bad. The trails are neat and all but it looks like the katana curves to the left a little. I know they are supposed to be curved it just look like it is bending the wrong way. But that is not something that would detract from the score of nine that i gave it. D/L if you want a fast saber mod.


JeedaiOvermindPosted: 05/08/02 22:44   Report Abuse
Yo, man this sounds really friggin awesome!! I am in the process of downloading it now. Thanks for getting into combo mods for J/O. Kudos to ya.


JeedaiOvermindPosted: 05/08/02 22:48   Report Abuse
Forgive me for being ignorant, but is this a single/multi mod, or just multi?


JeedaiOvermindPosted: 05/08/02 22:53   Report Abuse
Forgive me for being ignorant, but is this a single/multi mod, or just multi?


GaMeFrEaKPosted: 05/09/02 00:09   Report Abuse
THIS MOD r0x0rs.......i love the fast fighting action and the new sabers r hot.....and that main menu song is hot.....the only down side to this mod is the katana..it still has the purple glow on the floor.otherwise its AWESOME


Clone 1Posted: 05/12/02 04:10   Report Abuse
this could have been the best movement mod out there but you couldnt let me have it could you??? you had to throw in warped sabers and skins! everytime a mod looks good around here it ends up sucking !


DarkChiss01Posted: 05/16/02 15:30   Report Abuse
I HATE IT! i mean what katana u just made a thinner blade and i personally dont even like the fire blade or really thin blades if u wonder what i use i use a jedi kyle skin with a dessan handle and bio sith saber plus its just a bad mod


Kawasaki_IJPosted: 05/27/02 23:28   Report Abuse
I give it a 9, nice work 7. I noticed the cartwheel was already an animation in the game itself, but not the backwards handspring. Did you guys make that yourself? I didn't realize there was a JKII animator/animation editor out there.


DeathseedPosted: 06/09/02 14:20   Report Abuse
Dude,the purple saber is the best. It is some major crazy sexy cool Mace Windu stuff.
Plus you can still see the purple glow from the katana. Hope it doesnt make noise too...


xevious21xxPosted: 06/14/02 05:16   Report Abuse
Didn't rate it, as I haven't downloaded it YET. Slow 56K, although I do like what I hear and see.
By the way, Mace Windu has a purple lightsaber... Supposedly he is the most proficient lightsaber user in the Jedi Order. Next to, as Mr. Sammy L would put it, that BMF known as Yoda.


Homey GPosted: 06/22/02 02:39   Report Abuse
I liked it. The animation on the butterfly isnt great... id cut it out but the back roll is awsome. I really like the saber animation. Keep up the good work


The Last Jedi WookiePosted: 07/14/02 18:10   Report Abuse
"Thanks to all of you who dled it and gave constructive criticism. To those who insulted it without dling the patch-- this is not apreciated"

Hrmm... well, I guess you get back what you dish out, eh, mega? At least no one here thought it appropriate to suggest you have abnormal sexual prefferances :)

Anyway... I give a 7. I like the speedup on the attacks, and the change in the type of acrobatics you can do. But besides that, the other stuff in the patch I consider "extras", and they don't really interrest me. The skins are OK, not my taste though. And for the saber, I preffere other saber mods more, although the changes in this aren't bad or anything.


Mr. FantasticPosted: 03/11/05 23:13   Report Abuse
where did you get the skin in the first screenshot?


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