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It's a rebuild of the Hollywood Holocaust level from my lovely good old Duke Nukem 3D. Better for guns. Suitable for both FFA and Duels.


Level Info:

Download: Hollywood Holocaust v.2
File Size: 485k
Date: 05/04/02
Author: RGF_Proton_S
Downloads: 2375


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 6
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Sith_Xanatos__Posted: 05/04/02 20:40   Report Abuse
Sounds pretty original, im getting it now. (Btw, Hollywood Holocaust was my favorite Duke Nukem 3d level)"Hail to the king, baby!"


RGF_Proton_SPosted: 05/04/02 22:17   Report Abuse
Ya, its my 1st level with JK2Radiant. Duke nukem FOREVER!


RGF_Proton_SPosted: 05/04/02 22:21   Report Abuse
But it is a small edition of original level. If u guys like it, i will make a FULL version. So, im waiting for comments and ratings.


_Nergen_Posted: 05/04/02 22:43   Report Abuse
I like the idea that you want to bring D'UKEM back, but seeing as JO uses the Quake III engine, I would suggest putting more detail and brushes on the streets... they look kinda bare. Good work so far.

Strive for Perfection


VengaurdPosted: 05/05/02 13:27   Report Abuse
yah know its kinda sad....before jk2raidient came out i was stilll using the editer for duke nukem, in fact i just finished a level for it last week....

and yes, you should make a full version


RGF_Proton_SPosted: 05/05/02 17:56   Report Abuse
Ok, i will try.


Hard DriverPosted: 05/05/02 23:35   Report Abuse
Try putting more detail on the streets, maybe some Star Wars graffiti would add to it and the theater having Star Wars: Attack of the Clones on it :P.


YectiwanPosted: 05/07/02 01:07   Report Abuse
I find this fitting, as JKR is very similar to BUILD in many respects. I give it a 10 :D


J_dawgPosted: 06/08/02 19:16   Report Abuse
this level is bad. it should not be downloaded..waste of time. its buggy, you can fall through the level..theres some reason why the bots wont stop jumping..its not too much like duke nukem without the palmtrees and second floor..oh no bathrooms either...thats kinda needed for duke. anyhow dont get it..


RaSiN_HeCk_Posted: 07/24/02 16:39   Report Abuse
Kind a stupid with out a shot gun or aliens, no chicksfor that matter. But good Level = D


sum1givusanamePosted: 06/01/03 20:52   Report Abuse
not star wars atack of the clones but

"gulf war episode 2: clone of the attack"


palpetinePosted: 06/25/05 18:18   Report Abuse
i like the idea, it's too different from the actual level though, would be much better as a single player level. keep tryin tho


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