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A simple level that consists of one street with buildings on either side, one large "base" on each side which house flags. Each base has its own ups and downs and if it's not even, it will stay that way for 'rookie vs expert' ctf games. One base is a factory the other a fortress. It was intended for no force but is still fun with full force.


Level Info:

Download: CTF_Streets
File Size: 490k
Date: 05/12/02
Author: Venguard
Downloads: 1838


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 5
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_Nergen_Posted: 05/12/02 07:36   Report Abuse
Sweet... a gameplay map. There are some levels that work well with el-masso-varieto. This just might be one of 'em.


VengaurdPosted: 05/12/02 15:09   Report Abuse
the part they left out was that this is a beta level
i really couldnt figure out what you people like so ill give you this template and you guys can respond with the improvements i need to make

on a difrent note, there is distructable entities in this map


SithLord7Posted: 05/17/02 15:30   Report Abuse
Looks decent man. Lvl design is really good!


VengaurdPosted: 06/05/02 22:14   Report Abuse
oh my god the world is going to end...
i was working on the level and made it 10x better(buildings twice as big, all buildings enterable, street widend, lots of cars come by and squish you, side streets added...bot support) but then something happend, i dont know what it was but now ill never be able to work on the level agen unless i can find a bsp converter for JO....


RGF_RoguetwoPosted: 06/25/02 01:09   Report Abuse
That sucks. =( Looks like a really nice level. Good lighting in the different rooms. I like the angry faced building. =)


VengaurdPosted: 06/30/02 17:14   Report Abuse
to get to the factory flag with no force just jump on the convayor belt next to it


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