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This map is meant to resemble a temple, an aztec templeactually, as for how well I managed that I don't know since I had no reference material to look at but I'm somewhat pleased with what I managed to make.

As you will notice, this map is a bit larger than a usual dueling map. This offers you different ways to do battle. Not only by giving you a number of different spots to battle but also in the way you are going to act. Will you run away and hide until you can heal or will you stay and get burnt by that nasty looking lightsaber?

As for the flow of the battle I don't think there will be a problem, although the map is bigger than usual there aren't that many places to hide, and even if you manage to hide, your opponent can see most of the map from the top of the temple.

It's Saber and Force only, it's a dueling map after all.


Level Info:

Download: The Great Mountain Temple
File Size: 655k
Date: 05/12/02
Author: Wired (Fredrik Isaksson)
Downloads: 1974


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 7
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SilverRaven_2Posted: 05/12/02 17:46   Report Abuse
This level is great...very cool have done a great job..and the acrhitecture is awesome..keep up the good work......first comment :-) and DL


ZechPosted: 06/18/02 15:44   Report Abuse
Wonerful, ;) I havent tried it yet but it lookes awesome!


NostreborPosted: 02/25/03 23:54   Report Abuse
As far as resembling an Aztec temple goes well done, I agree with silver raven_2 the architecture is great, you wouldn't know you hadn't seen any material. The little stoen structures outside are a nice touch, good for hidng behind and such. Also the big pit in the middle antechamber gives a good feel to that bit. The whole thing works well with ligth saber combat, so well done.


WandererPosted: 03/08/03 17:20   Report Abuse
Great Level!!!!! One of the best Maps I played so far. Even on my old computer a super performance!
The scenery is well done, especially the sky!
Wonderful Duel-Level! I give 10/10!!!


LynxPosted: 12/03/03 05:22   Report Abuse
*Sniff* I WANT JO!!! But my friend is burning his CD for me so i should have it in a couple weeks and when i do...IM GOING TO D/L THIS LEVEL!!!

Take that as a complement


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