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This is my first attempt at a decent level, so please treat it as such :). Any suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated. I admire many of you skilled level makers out there and it would be great to get some feedback. This is basically a medium-sized arena with a building in the center. It is possible to access the bottom, second, and roof parts of the building. There are no bot paths or gun placements in this level. I believe you will find it quite a nice setting for saber fighting. I have found that it is best for 2 to 8 players. It is heavily lighted by colored lighting and takes place outside at night time. Thanks for taking the time to access this!


Level Info:

Download: CX Sabers Arena
File Size: 453k
Date: 05/14/02
Author: Crimson Sentinel
Downloads: 1183


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 2
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greedo626Posted: 05/14/02 13:38   Report Abuse
looks like a fun duel level and a good first try at level making.


Evil_GiraffePosted: 05/14/02 13:43   Report Abuse
Okay, it's better than most, but I'd say it's still firmly in the "still practising" category. My main bones would be:
1) Lighting.
Poorly done. In JK, where the saber cast some light, dark levels were just about OK. In JK2, the saber doesn't cast light, which means dark levels like this are pretty horrific to play in. To try and make up for it by covering walls in textures with lights doesn't really work either. They don't cast light either, so it was a case of a mostly black level with bright red markings indicating where the walls were and the occasional blu-ish tint.
2) Textures.
Adding a bit of variety wouldn't go amiss. Also try and think what sort of texture you're using, and place it accordingly. Is a red strip light type texture meant to cover an entire wall? etc...
3) Sky.
Don't forget to use sky-brushes when closing off a space with sky. That means use the shader associated with the sky you want, they come up with white boxes around them in the texture window of JK2Radient and GtkRadient. Not only does this mean it'll move like sky, but it also means lasers won't spark off them.
4) Boxiness.
Despite obvious attention going on the architecture, the surrounding box was just that - a box.

Hope some of these comments will help you in future levels. Whilst this one has flaws, it definitely shows potential.


ThreeDeePosted: 05/14/02 20:56   Report Abuse
"Saber snipers??"


Crimson SentinelPosted: 05/15/02 01:20   Report Abuse
Thanks guys I really appreciate the comments and suggestions. Evil Giraffe, if you could check your e-mail, that would be cool. Your comments were really helpful and I had a few more questions to ask you...hence the e-mail. Thanks again!


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