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This is my first skin. It's supposed to be Auron from the Squaresoft game, Final Fantasy X. I used the Jedi Trainer model.


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Download: Auron
File Size: 443k
Date: 05/15/02
Author: Chris Brightblade
Downloads: 1679


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 8
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SavageXPosted: 05/15/02 22:20   Report Abuse
IGF_snugglypooh, that's just sad. You're supposed to rate it for it's quality, NOT because of some stupid bias you have against the game that the skin is based on. I wouldn't suggest flaming me for saying that to you since I don't care how you take that.

As for the skin, I think it's looks pretty good based on the screenshots. I can't say if it's accurate or not to the Character from FFX since I've nevered played it but I'm sure you did an accurate recreation of him. Only complaints I have are that it could use some more shadowing in the textures. I gave it a 7.

-- SavageX


JK2k_AvengerPosted: 05/16/02 01:07   Report Abuse
Well I have played FFX. I'd say it's pretty good, the only problem is that it lacks a bit of detail, like auron's coat goes down to his feet and his "mask" covers up to his eyes.

I'd give it a 6


VannPosted: 05/16/02 22:05   Report Abuse
For a first time its pretty good. Great job. I love FF but the qality is great. I gave you a 7. Keep up the good work.


dudedude7000Posted: 05/17/02 13:11   Report Abuse
good character, bad skin. I like the face, but the shirt texture needs work you need to make one of his sleeves missing the pants are OK. keep working on it.


SithLord7Posted: 05/17/02 14:58   Report Abuse
Can't really tell too much from the screens. Whoa! what is up with the saber fuse with his hand! I don't think that's right...


SmokeDrgn1Posted: 05/20/02 06:05   Report Abuse
It isn't AMAZINGLY accurate to Auron, however it comes close, and it's a very cool skin! though the front of the shirt seems like it could use a slight touchup


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