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As you probably guessed it's Jabba's sail barge and two skiffs from ROTJ. The map is compatible with FFA, Holocron, and Jedi Master game types. I hope you enjoy it.


Level Info:

Download: Pit of Carkoon
File Size: 1Meg
Date: 05/15/02
Author: Frank "CoolMoeD" Harmon
Downloads: 3910


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 10
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moronmissionPosted: 05/15/02 22:13   Report Abuse
This is a great level, keep up the good work. It totally reminded me of ROTJ. I think that I see this map somewhere else but the link to the zip file was screwed up. I give this a 9.


EmonPosted: 05/16/02 00:01   Report Abuse
EXCELLENT work on the skiff extereriors, but the duns and sand need lots of improvement, especially new textures and more curves.


Hard DriverPosted: 05/16/02 17:14   Report Abuse
Great level but the scale and Sarlacc pit are way off. It would be cool if the Sarlacc were a MP level obstacle like the fan in one of the original JK MP levels. If it were alive, it would add tons of replay value to the level. Try getting some custom textures and work on the moving parts and you can make this one of the superfluous levels out there.


JL_Qui_Gon_JinnPosted: 05/17/02 14:24   Report Abuse
blast that was my idea! well i don't know how to use JORadient that well so you probably did a better job than i would've


JPAT-RPosted: 05/17/02 18:20   Report Abuse
Damn ugly, i've seen better looking JK levels.


duoPosted: 05/20/02 04:43   Report Abuse
i think it looks great and it has value for a rotj TC but thats my feelings towards the level

BTW i gave it a 10 keep up the good work!


Goff MonkeyPosted: 06/03/02 17:03   Report Abuse
KEWL LEVEL. Keep up the gud work.....now only if it had jabba......


Boromir7788Posted: 09/20/02 23:01   Report Abuse
This map need a lot of work. For one thing, Jabba's sail barge should be a lot bigger, the sarlacc, dunes and sand look very unrealistic and there is no bot support. I give it a 3.


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