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The clonetrooper from Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones.


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Download: Clonetrooper
File Size: 565k
Date: 05/16/02
Author: TheSithLe@der
Downloads: 3005


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 13
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NRM_XzibitPosted: 05/16/02 01:41   Report Abuse
nice skin, very accurate to. just it hink your missing the fin on top of the troopers head.


Adm_FettM3Posted: 05/16/02 01:42   Report Abuse
I must say this is the worst version of the clonetrooper i've seen yet.My God it looks like a stormtrooper on welfare.I gave you a 1 just for the work you put into it.(if any)


*Timewolf*Posted: 05/16/02 01:52   Report Abuse
I like the face, but the back on the Clonetrooper doesn't have that OII like the Stormtroopers. Not bad.


Hard DriverPosted: 05/16/02 04:43   Report Abuse
This isn't too bad at all. I just think that you should have made the shapes you skinned over the the normal stormtrooper model more apparent, such as the the knee guards.


bobafett_765Posted: 05/16/02 20:31   Report Abuse
A very accurate face, but the helmet is too short and fat and it is missing that characteristic fin. Other than that, it's and okay skin. Rating = 4


[US]Silenced_FuryPosted: 05/16/02 21:50   Report Abuse
Someone has already made a clone trooper just in case u didnt know... and they used a new skin 3do instead of editing the stromtrooper.


*Timewolf*Posted: 05/17/02 13:13   Report Abuse
I thought they used a Shadowtrooper model. . .


SithLord7Posted: 05/17/02 14:55   Report Abuse
Not too bad. I won't dl it but its a heck of a lot better than the other one. 6


EvilTowliePosted: 05/18/02 15:23   Report Abuse
Better than some others I've seen... But the skin needs some work... Is it just me or does the head look HUGE?!


roll4lifePosted: 05/25/02 22:30   Report Abuse
Doesnt look very good. Head definitely needs some work yes i think it looks big too. I give you credit though and skins will start looking better when people get better at modeling characters.


SSJ2 TurlesPosted: 07/01/02 00:25   Report Abuse
gave it an 8 for a great job except for the face, but u could fix that


Jedi Knight_JoshuaPosted: 01/27/03 00:04   Report Abuse
pretty good except for the head can someone tell me how to make a multiplayer skin? In easy to understand language I gave it a 7


Jay ShiskyPosted: 12/27/05 17:01   Report Abuse
looks good exept for the head it looks to big to me.



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