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A skin of a Clone Trooper from Episode 2, it uses the Imperial Worker model as base. Can be used in team play, as there is also a red and blue version of the skin included.


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Download: CloneTrooper from Episode 2: Attack of the Clones
File Size: 817k
Date: 05/18/02
Author: Bryan Vader
Downloads: 6789


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 27
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Brick PhillipsPosted: 05/18/02 20:38   Report Abuse
I like the looks of this skin. Jepman's skin was good, but it didn't have as much realism as this one. I gave it a seven. Good work =)


Bl4dePosted: 05/18/02 21:38   Report Abuse
It's ok, but the clone troopers helmet was not quite that large. If you see the movie you'd see how the helmet looks, I give it a 6, nice try though.


PuglerPosted: 05/18/02 21:39   Report Abuse
And people tell me I have a big head.


pur33vilPosted: 05/18/02 22:04   Report Abuse
The best clone trooper skin yet


hawkofwarPosted: 05/18/02 23:22   Report Abuse
Eh, I've seen the movie twice and I say you just can't do clonetroopers without model editing... I think the other skin was closer, at least it LOOKED like it was wearing armor. The helmet textures look better on this skin than the other one but because it isn't the same shape it still looks waaaaaay off.


Hard DriverPosted: 05/19/02 04:11   Report Abuse
9!!! Best clonetrooper textures ever used! Although if you model a clone helmet and armor this would be 10. Please do or get someone else to :D.


Raiden_Zer0Posted: 05/19/02 06:51   Report Abuse
It is an impressive Skin. The helmet is wrong, but still looks pretty dern cool.
I don't have Outcast yet, but if it is like JK and has some kind of mandalorian in the mp skins...then you're best bet is to modify the head of that model. The helmets on the troopers very closely resemble Jango/Boba Fetts' helmet. I have several very good images of Clone troopers that I've collected for reference for making a JK skin and I'd be happy to share them with you if you like.



SilverRaven_2Posted: 05/19/02 09:50   Report Abuse
This skin is fact is the first good clone trooper skin..the others just changed the face of the stormtrooper...nice job i give it a 8


Chiss LordPosted: 05/19/02 17:21   Report Abuse
There are a lot of clonetrooper skins out there, but this is probably one of the better ones. Yeah, the model used wasn't the best because of the head. Still, good work.


DarkChiss01Posted: 05/20/02 03:19   Report Abuse
love it i give it a 8 and dont say his head is too big cuz if u used a miner base you would run into that same problem u get extra props for the awesome body


SithLord7Posted: 05/20/02 15:17   Report Abuse
Not bad. The best clone trooper clone yet. However I can still see the base model...swamp trooper? am I right?...with the tubes on the sides of his helmet. Also the helmet is a little fat for clone trooper. Clone troopers also have more armor it would seem. Not bad. I give it a 7 because it actually looks like one.


AOTJ_CraigPosted: 05/21/02 01:48   Report Abuse
Cool, not bad, I give it a 7. Also, at theres a Clone Trooper model thats seemingly very close to Jepman's


darthfergiePosted: 05/22/02 15:34   Report Abuse
Well I'm pleased with it.

I d/loaded the CLoneTrooper skin that was very popular at but the thing could see his EARS on the side of his head. This is much better than it. SO it will do for now.


TDJ_RoBoTiCEwOkPosted: 05/23/02 03:07   Report Abuse
The textures, in my opinion, are perfect, but, as everybody else said, the model itself - namely, the swamp trooper model, isn't exactly right for the job.


Goff MonkeyPosted: 06/02/02 14:43   Report Abuse
Got Head???? I,ve never seen such big head on a model b4. Its a gud model dont get me wrong its just the heads a bit out of preportion with the body. Please some one fix this head quickly


BaldrickPosted: 06/03/02 22:57   Report Abuse
He did say he used the Imperial Worker model, not the Swamp Trooper.
Yeah, make his head a little less fat and i'll give it a 10. I like the armor, because it looks just like a Clone Trooper's. Also since I play team play most the time I like team colors a lot. I gave it a 7.
By the way, first post for me.


SSJ2 TurlesPosted: 07/01/02 00:53   Report Abuse
looks good, their arms r a little wimpy lookin though 9/10


Kyle_2002Posted: 07/07/02 17:44   Report Abuse
Nice work, considering its hard 2 get hold of a model editor, you've done well without one! I give it an 8!


NoobPosted: 01/24/04 23:39   Report Abuse
hlemts a little big


alan renaldsPosted: 06/30/05 13:56   Report Abuse
i think it stinks. sorry, but it doesn't look at all like a clone trooper.


RonthisPosted: 05/15/08 06:54   Report Abuse
DUDE this sucks!


Clone HunterPosted: 03/29/09 01:52   Report Abuse
Hmmm, Imp Worker for Clone Skin, not a bad idea! i rate an 8.


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